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    Re: Two interesting Vikings Stats

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "josdin00" wrote:
    ...So far this season (knock on wood ), the Vikings have given up 0 rushing touchdowns. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Awesome job by the defense. Especially on those goal-line stands in the past couple games....
    Awesome statistic.
    Didn't realize that, pretty damn good after 5 games.
    I didn't realize that either.
    Now we just have to get other TEs under control.

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    Re: Two interesting Vikings Stats

    Offense and Wins bring up ratings.
    Favre has helped our team get there.
    Yes, there have been some extra tickets sold to Favre fans or even Purple fans that just want to see this guy play in purple.
    The guy is a HOFer, that in itself is worth buying a ticket if you don't normally attend the games.
    The guys that value hunting or fishing in the AM and then get home to watch the game on TV.
    They might give up a Sunday of outdoor activity to buy a ticket and watch.

    Offense and Wins not Favre will continue attendance the next few years.

    Bengals thought...... I have a friend that has had season tickets for many years, 8-10 years.
    They gave up their pair this season.
    They were tired of the players getting in trouble and the downward spiral the last few seasons.
    That happens!
    I know they had some extra expenses.
    I don't think that the economy had a lot to do with their decision, but I am sure there are many out there that the economy would be part of the equation.

    I don't think that the Vikings have been on that downward spiral.
    I don't think the the Vikings have been part of the lack luster players or the troubled players.
    In fact we have had an excitement in players even without Favre.
    I think that we have had more success year to year that would cause excitement.
    I guess that leave the confidence in doing better than last year, possibly TJ ability to lead us further.
    It also leaves the economy.

    Stats thoughts.......
    It is a nice stat, the no rushing TDs, but that is all it is.
    I am not surprised.
    I think that we have given up more rushing yards this year because of our mental attitude and scheme, not because we have lost anything in talent or skill.
    We simply don't want people to come in and scheme us for pass only.

    It seems to me that we have played some easy teams and we have become lax on defense at time.
    When teams do get a run longer than 5 yards on us, it is because we didn't play disciplined that play.
    Maybe lax isn't the right word but if we want to compete with the better teams and consistently be on top of the better teams, we can't make the little mistakes.
    We have to play solid defense.

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    Re: Two interesting Vikings Stats

    Agreed, goal line defense has been impressive.

    Not because of the no rushing TDs, just that we seem to mentally and physically step it up.
    It is where we play our best D.

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    Re: Two interesting Vikings Stats

    "vikingivan" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "josdin00" wrote:
    So Minnesota's local ratings are up 24% over last year, a year when the team won the division. That's a whole lot more people engaged in what this team is doing, and represents a nice opportunity for revenue for the team (both advertising and merchandise), and a great way to build popular support for the stadium issue.

    and I don't see that ratings boost happening, at least not to that extent, if this team didn't bring in Favre.
    I don't think that we would have seen that kind of ratings boost without Favre.
    Not because everyone is tuning in to see Favre (there is some of that too), but because this year people actually believe in the Vikings.
    Last year with TJack and Gus, we were excited to win, but nobody really expected them to make it very far.
    This year, with a real QB, we are suddenly a real threat - a real winning team.

    Everyone said for a long time that the Vikings were a QB away from being great.
    Well, we got a QB finally... And people are tuning in to see a great Vikings team!
    The ratings are a result of the 'Sconnie effect

    The Packer Viking game, a Monday night game at that, skewed the stats big time. I know our local ratings went up because of Favre, but what were those ratings before that game.

    I can't agree that Favre will help the stadium push though. Once Favre is gone (2010? 2011?) so will the increased ratings & all the Favre bandwagoners that were fans of Favre & not the Vikings..

    I don't think that the legislature will buy into building a stadium because of Favre pulling in viewers/ticket holders, becausee Favre will never be playing in it. Favre will be gone before the ground is ever broken for one.

    We will eventually get our stadium, but not just because of Favre.

    Also, last I heard 6,000+ season tickets remained unsold.
    We better get our stadium or there will be alot of upset fans if the Vikings leave.
    How are they going to pay for it?
    That is the question.
    In todays economy and the high taxes we are already paying no one is going to propose a tax to fund the
    I have heard slot machines at Canterbury Park.
    Seems like a logical idea to me, let the gamblers pay for it.
    Why not build a casino near the Mall of America?
    Why because the native Americans will lobby hard against that.
    Why should they have a monopoly on the casinos in Minnesota?
    The checks each tribal member varies with tribal affiliation.
    But, believe me my friends it is a large sum each month.
    We'll get our stadium. The legislature will hold out until the last possible minute & when they can do it as cheap as possible.

    Problem is, the price tag will only go up. The time to do it is now in the sagging economy since it will employ many workers & bids will come in much lower because people are "hungry" for work & companies want to see materials.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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