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    Re: Truth and Rumors......

    "vikingdude82" wrote:
    hey pal, i didnt say last year, i said a few years ago, maybe if he didn't get injured, and Broncos gave him a chance last season he would have been, lets go after Alexander than, so we can have a javon walker jr. on are team.
    alexander and jwalk aren't even close to the same thing , jwalk had 1 good year and held out . alexander has produced every year . his team is too cheap to give him a contract . he's not in the middle of his contract like j walk . he got the franchise slapped on him at the end of his contract.

    is alexander even holding out?

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    Re: Truth and Rumors......

    "sureban" wrote:
    "akvikefan89" wrote:
    Player, Pos. 2004 Team Designation

    Contract Length

    Alex Bannister, WR Seattle Unrestricted 4 years
    Terreal Bierria, S Seattle Restricted Undisclosed
    Kevin Bentley, LB Cleveland Other* Undisclosed
    Rocky Bernard, DT Seattle Restricted Undisclosed
    Chartric Darby, DT Tampa Bay Unrestricted Undisclosed
    Andre Dyson, CB Tennessee Unrestricted Undisclosed
    Bryce Fisher, DE St. Louis Unrestricted 4 years
    Chris Gray, G Seattle Unrestricted Undisclosed
    Ryan Hannam, TE Seattle Restricted Undisclosed
    Kelly Herndon, CB Denver Restricted Undisclosed
    Joe Jurevicius, WR Tampa Bay Other* 1 year
    Omare Lowe, DB New England Other* Undisclosed
    Marquand Manuel, S Seattle Restricted Undisclosed
    Itula Mili, TE Seattle Unrestricted Undisclosed
    Kris Richard, CB Seattle Restricted Undisclosed
    Jamie Sharper, LB Houston Other 5 years
    Joe Tafoya, DE Atlanta Other+ Undisclosed
    Robbie Tobeck, C Seattle Unrestricted 2 years
    Floyd Womack, G Seattle Unrestricted 2 years

    Just a few guy's... :roll: :lol:

    Nice list, where did you get it? Is there a list like that for the vikings?

    Yeah,, under the headline picture is a link you can click on, it says "Free agency sighings-AFC/NFC- All teams free agent signings.

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