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    Troy Williamson - In the doghouse?

    According to KFAN, Troy sat himself out of practice on Wednesday. Thus was deactivated for the Cleveland game.

    I hate to say it but im very disapointed in our 7th overall pick. Everybody is saying he is progressing but all i have seen is his role diminishing week by week.

    Nuff said about Troy.

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    Re: Troy Williamson - In the doghouse?

    He's a rookie man.. He is acting like a rookie.. Hopefully he will start to mature more within the year.. He can be one hell of a player if he gets his practice in!

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    Re: Troy Williamson - In the doghouse?

    i still see big things from this guy but with our current set of recievers it is hard for him to get an PT.

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    Re: Troy Williamson - In the doghouse?

    [size=18px]Troy Williamson likely to stay on inactive list[/size]

    Last update: November 29, 2005 at 6:17 AM

    Receiver Troy Williamson might not be completely in Mike Tice's doghouse, but the seventh overall selection in the April draft isn't very high on the coach's depth chart and could be in for an extended stay on the Vikings' game-day inactive list.

    Williamson, taken with a selection obtained in the Randy Moss trade, decided to remove himself from practice on Wednesday after suffering a sprained right shoulder Nov. 21 at Green Bay. That led to him being inactive against Cleveland, a move athletic trainer Chuck Barta called a coach's decision.

    "Troy hurt his shoulder and then tapped out Wednesday," Tice said. "... Chuck thought I told him not to practice, and I thought Chuck told him not to practice. At the end of practice we compared notes and Troy told himself not to practice. ... I shut him down for the week and figured that his injury was bothering him enough that he felt he shouldn't practice."

    Tice dressed four receivers Sunday and sounded inclined to do the same at Detroit.

    "It's hard to suit up five wide receivers unless someone has return ability," Tice said. "So what does Troy have to do? I probably would stick with the four guys I have right now unless I take it from the O-line and go back to seven [instead of eight actives] or take it from the linebacker situation and go with the six. Other than that, Troy will be standing next to me."


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    Re: Troy Williamson - In the doghouse?

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