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Thread: Troy Williamson

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    Re: Troy Williamson

    "bigbadragz" wrote:
    "jessejames09" wrote:
    "bigbadragz" wrote:
    "jessejames09" wrote:
    I've always said he was a bust, I gave up early. Although he could prove me otherwise, whilst riding his flying pig. With his magical contacts.

    He only made 91 catches in college so it's not like he was a sure-fire guy. And he did and does like to catch with his body.

    He is the best example i can think of for drafting a player just for speed.

    so tonight might be the night to make your judgment on him
    #82 Jimmy Smith was drafted in the second round of the 1992 draft by the Dallas Cowboys.
    After two injury plagued season the Cowboys realeased him.
    He was then signed by the Eagles and released before the 1994 season.
    He then signed with the Jaguars in 1995.
    He finished his career 7th all time with 862 receptions and 11th in yards with 12,287.
    He had 7 consecutive 1,000 yard season which is only surpassed by Jerry Rice and Tim Brown.

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    Re: Troy Williamson

    I agree with the idea of not throwing him the deep ball and instead giving him the short to intermediate passes in the seams where he can use his speed after the catch to get big yards. It just doesn't look like he is comfortable catching the ball over his shoulder on deep balls. He does look more comfortable with the shorter passes and that is what we should be providing him with.

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