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    Troy Williamson

    Hi, I'm a South Carolina fan, after reading your board I'm not sure you guys know what your getting. Troy Williamson will be a great player in your offense. While its probably true he's not polished, he is an amazing player. The video on this site only includes clips from last year, for instance his 99 yard td vs. viginia 2 years ago is missing. The experts are right he is blazing fast, but I dont think enough emphasis has been put on our prehistoric offense. While Holtz was here it was 3 yards and a cloud of dust, and Troy was being nice in the interview you guys have. We havent had an sec caliber QB in 4 years. Its safe to say that while we are all happy for Troy, I would have loved to have him in Spurriers offense this year. So while I cant say he's another Moss, he should be an all pro playing with Culpepper. Congratulations on getting the best reciever in th draft.

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    Re: Troy Williamson

    I hope you are right cause I really wanted B.Edwards.

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    Re: Troy Williamson

    IF he can make plays in the Moss vein, I am sure that your opinion will be vindicated...he doesn't need to be another Moss, just a playmaker...if he can improve our offense from what we already had, then picking him will be justified. If not, then we will be right where we were before the draft. Any player picked at #7 should be an impact I am ready to strap in the racing harness and hang on! The ride needs to be worth it!!!

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