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Thread: Trip to Lambeau

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    Trip to Lambeau

    Hey all,

    I am making my first trip down to Lambeau to watch the Vikes dominate.
    I had one all to important question regarding the pre-game festivities - is there any Viking supported bars near the stadium to head to?
    Also, are there any group tailgates set up for Vikes fans there?
    Thanks in advance for the reponses.
    Go Vikes!

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    Re: Trip to Lambeau

    I will be there. There is usually a good deal of Vikings fans. Just walk around and mingle with the crowd. PP.O does not set up anything there. The only bar that I remember that was vikings supported was Fifty Yard Line Sports Bar. I am not sure if it is anymore. The address is 1049 Lombardi Avenue. It is right by the stadium.

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