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    Re: The Triangle Of Authority

    Marrdro wrote:
    Other teams have inked thier talent this year. Why the hell haven't the Vikes? :dry:
    Cause they are moving.

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    Re: The Triangle Of Authority

    Marrdro wrote:
    RK. wrote:
    Even if we offered them contracts I think their agents would drag their feet about signing until they know who is coaching next year. I don't think a lot of them would sign if its going to be Childress, especially when they could get the same money anywhere else.

    The way the normal process works, the FO pukes ask the coaching staff thier opinion of these players. If the coaches are high on the kid, the FO pukes give him a good check, mostly cause the coaching staff have used him in a manner that shows he should be rewarded.

    Why would an agent move a player from a environment conduscive to the kid meeting incentives?

    To many times you see a guy move on to another team after his first contract, only to see him fade away. In most instances its because they opted to go to a place that will give them a big deal.

    Reality sets in when that big deal is tied to incentives and the new scheme doesn't allow him to achieve those incentives.

    Haynesworth is the best example out there. His contract was structured around a 4-3 scheme. Now that the new regime is in there and they run a 3-4, he knows there is no way he is gonna hit those benchmarks and in the end, he won't get his money.

    Long story short, agents know this, players know this.

    Cats like Sharper didn't fit the scheme. Thats why they didn't like the staff. Cats like Rice, who was drafted for the scheme, shouldn't even think twice about the coach, especially if they are playing well.
    Good. Send him to Arizona

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    Re: The Triangle Of Authority

    Marrdro wrote:
    First.....The Chiller doesn't call the plays.
    Ummm excuse me but the guy that has that big piece of laminated paper with all the colors on it that he puts up to cover his mouth when speaking into his mic is a guy that is calling plays. He sends them to the booth and then they are sent to one of the coaches on the side line who signals them out to the field so that no one knows which signal is the correct one. He does not call every play with Favre in there but if TJ is in you can bet he is. If he is not calling plays why does he cover his mouth?

    Do you not remember he tried to bench Favre last year for changing his play calls at the line?


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