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    The Trenchie Awards: The Vikings' OL & Best Week 10 Line Play

    The Trenchie Awards: The Vikings' O-Line and the Best Line Play From Week 10

    The Trenchie Awards: The Vikings' O-Line and the Best Line Play From Week 10 - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

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    good read.. in his praise for bigK, and it seems he watched the tape a lot, where is his mention that the lineman RAN down the field after AP to make sure he kept blocking.. even kept in frame of the !#$%$ normal camera feed.

    I do like the way the line is forming. we're maybe 1 or 2 players and depth from being very solid here for years to come.


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    Ahh, perfect thread for this...profootballfocus' latest all performance/stat-based OL rankings through week 10

    3. Minnesota Vikings (3rd)

    PB = 11th, RB = 2nd and PEN = 5th

    This line is only getting better, and if they’d replace Brandon Fusco with Geoff Schwartz? Well who knows how much higher they’d be. John Sullivan is the premier performer on the line but he won’t have that title for much longer if Matt Kalil continues his development. I don’t necessarily agree with taking a tackle that high, but if you’re going to it doesn’t hurt that he hits the ground running like Kalil.
    Gotta love seeing fewer penalties on this unit!!! Definitely improved, but with potential to get even better with a bit more time together.

    Most of the pressure we're seeing on Ponder is coming on the overload blitzes. We're just not finding the open guy in time to beat it...and/or the staff doesn't have a route and/or route runner to beat it...

    Note, the Bears OL comes in around 5th worst...field day for our extra rested pass rush vs. them flying home Monday night from San Francisco...? SKOL VIKINGS!!!
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