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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    I do not mind trash talking at all. And it really depends on what you consider "trash." There is definitely nothing wrong with what Chad does in my opinion because he is just having a good time and is not disrespectful ... he just seems to be goofing off to me. TO is just flat disrespectful at times by posing on the emblem and crap like that.
    Someone mentioned P.Williams by the way ... he is a MOUTH and a half on the field. He has always had a reputation for running his mouth on the field, but people like it and think it is fun, very much like John Randle used to do.
    Trash talking can be a very valuable asset and help you get in your opponents head ... anytime you can do that then you have raised your advantage or gained a little.

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    Smith shuts up Smoot with a record afternoon
    Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot tried to talk his way to success against Carolina receiver Steve Smith only to have Smith get in the last word. Smith tied the team record for receptions against Smoot, and he set the team record for yards gained receiving.

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Fred Smoot has taken a vow of silence toward the local media since his name turned up in reports as one of the Vikings who arranged for the now infamous cruise on Lake Minnetonka.

    After Sunday, the fast-talking cornerback might want to consider extending his silence to the playing field. Smoot, assigned to cover Carolina's Steve Smith in nearly every situation, spent plenty of time jawing at the receiver and little time backing it up as Carolina beat the Vikings 38-13.

    Smith jawed at Smoot, too, but he backed it up. He tied the Panthers' single-game record for receptions (11) and set the mark for most receiving yards (201).

    "I think one of the first things Smoot did wrong was he talked a little bit too much before the game even started," Panthers cornerback Ken Lucas said. "The best thing to do is be quiet, just in case you have a game like he did. He brought it upon himself."

    Not only did Smoot repeatedly get beat by Smith, he also was called for four penalties. Smoot's day came to a merciful end in the fourth quarter when he left the game after suffering a shoulder strain.

    "It was tough," said fellow cornerback Antoine Winfield, who seemed annoyed by not being used on Smith. "I thought coming into this week we were going to do some things to take 89 [Smith] out of the game. Unfortunately, we didn't do that and came up with a terrible loss."

    The low point of Smoot's day might have come after Smith beat him for a 69-yard reception that put the ball on the Vikings 1 and set up a touchdown that made it 17-0 Carolina in the second quarter. After making the catch, Smith sat in the end zone and pretended to row a boat. Ouch.

    Said Smith: "He was talking a lot. You can ask him. I'm not going to elaborate on what he said. Sometimes you don't pick a fight with a bigger bully."

    Sunday's game was the first in which Smoot spent all of his time covering the opponent's top receiver. He had success in that role last week in the Vikings' come-from-behind victory over Green Bay, taking over coverage on Donald Driver in the second half. Driver, who had six catches for 101 yards in the opening half, had only two receptions for 13 yards in the final two quarters.

    But it became clear early Sunday that the 5-9, 185-pound Smith was a much bigger challenge.

    Smoot did get help from a safety in limited situations, but mostly he was asked to contain Smith by himself, following him to wherever he lined up.

    "I haven't followed every game of Fred's career, but I'm sure if you ask him he's probably had some days like this," Vikings coach Mike Tice said.

    Linebacker Sam Cowart said everyone must share in the blame. "You can't feel bad for him," he said. "This is a team sport. This ain't tennis or nothing like that, it's a team sport. The Vikings are 2-5, not Fred Smoot."

    Winfield did not know if there was discussion at halftime of abandoning the plan and going back to the normal strategy of having either corner pick up the receiver. "You've got to talk to the coaches about that," he said. "I have no idea. I don't know what's going on."

    Asked if he was upset about not being used on Smith, Winfield said, "I'd rather keep that out of the papers."

    Still, Winfield did not feel good about seeing his teammate have such a rough day. "It's tough. Especially at our position," Winfield said. "The cornerback's out there, you're one-on-one with some of the best athletes in the world and once they keep going at you like that, it gets frustrating. I don't know. I guess it was in their game plan to get Steve involved, and once they saw the matchup, they just kept going there play after play."
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    On ESPN they just said Panthers are the best team.. And Steve Smith for MVP..

    Also Wilbon and that other old dude are dressed up like boat captains.. Vikes don't catch a break haha

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    well..i didnt see the game but i listened to alot of it on the radio...take smiths yards and the penalties and add those up for how bad smoot got burned...ick...i always thought that offensive players talk trash to get Def players out of thier game...not vice-versa...or is that just me?


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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    Just me, but I find no need for trash talk. It makes you look pretty low-class and unprofessional, but I'm old school.

    So, without trying to offend Vike fans, seeing Smoot get schooled yesterday was sweet. Play the damn game and don't talk if you can't back it up.

    By the way, CJ's team did win, but if you saw it, the Packers brought everything at him, and roughed him up pretty well. He was getting smacked left and right and left the game twice with injuries.

    Sometimes, the smack brings you more attention than you want.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    "SWAYZE74" wrote:
    well..i didnt see the game but i listened to alot of it on the radio...take smiths yards and the penalties and add those up for how bad smoot got burned...ick...i always thought that offensive players talk trash to get Def players out of thier game...not vice-versa...or is that just me?

    Man Smoot got turned around more than Linda blair's head yesterday...wish we could have ran Paul krause..or Bobby Bryant out there!

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    Right on Canada.No corner can shut down a top reciever on his own,not Smoot,Baily,Lucas Woodson,no one! Cottrel left him hanging out to dry,no doubt about it.And even when it was obvious it was costing the game the Dumb a$$ still didn,t adjust. He has to go.
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    Simply said.
    Jerry Rice Smack talker --- NO
    Walk the Walk ----- YES

    If you need to talk you ain't goat the stuff.

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    I kno I kno, im not pointin anyone out, im just sayin in gernal. I read all these post saying get rid of smoot blah blah blah, and im sick of it.
    Are you talking trash now! :lol:

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    Re: Trash Talkers = Troublemakers?

    "CanadaViking" wrote:
    What gets me is how he keeps talking after Smith had like a 150 yards. I know that Smoot is good at his craft however so is Smith, and Smith has the advantage of knowing what the play is. There are not many corners that can individually shut down a premier receiver, so what in the world was Cotrell thinking, why wasn't there any half time adjustments?

    Our team has mulptiple problems and we are well aware of them, or atleast we think we are, how come the coaching staff is so reluctant to adjust?

    This coaching staff are sitting ducks so I won't get into it now, they are DONE after the season or SOONER!

    I know that the players have to make plays, however the schemes are either too complex for our atheletes or they are being miscalled, for whatever reason, there will be changes!!

    Or the schemes are just plain stoopid. :evil: Smoot is not the problem. Trash talk is not the problem. To those of you that don't like trash talk, you are watching the wrong game. Try bowling. :wink: This is a game of aggressive physical and mental contact. A little aggressive talk is just part of the game. What do you think football players are? Goody goodies? :???:


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