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    Training camp move

    Vikes' training camp to Sioux Falls?
    Associated Press
    Published Saturday, January 21, 2006
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    SIOUX FALLS, SD - The new owner of the Minnesota Vikings says he would consider moving the National Football League team's training camp to Sioux Falls.

    Holding the camp in Sioux Falls would let the Vikings reach out to fans outside the Twin Cities, Wilf was quoted as saying in Friday's St. Paul Pioneer Press.

    "The only place I would possibly consider in that context is Sioux Falls," he said. "I would certainly entertain them if they would look upon it again, because we have to do something."

    From a regional standpoint, Sioux Falls is the heart of the Vikings' base outside of Minnesota, Wilf said.

    He said he would like to visit Sioux Falls, which "made a very nice pitch" to get the training camp in 2003.

    Kelby Krabbenhoft, who led the Sioux Falls effort at that time, said that perhaps a small group will be formed to talk to the Vikings "to see if there's sincerity behind Wilf's comments."

    Sioux Falls doesn't want to go as far as it did last time just to find out it was a dead end, Krabbenhoft said.

    Sioux Falls would need a much more serious commitment from the Vikings, Mayor Dave Munson said. "We would never want to be in the position again that we were last time," he said. "We were negotiating in good faith and I don't think it was reciprocated. I was very disappointed by that. If we would begin to talk to us again, they would have to come to us with a heck of an offer."

    Mark Johnston, press secretary to Gov. Mike Rounds, said the state is willing to have talks.

    "Many things have changed since then, but we are certainly willing to sit down and discuss the possibility of bringing the training camp to Sioux Falls."

    Sioux Falls' hopes faded in 2003 when Minnesota's governor said moving the camp out of that state would hurt legislative discussions of a new stadium.

    The camp has been held in Mankato, Minn., but a partnership formed two years ago to operate the camp is dissolving.

    Training camp will be held in Mankato this summer with the team handling many of the details.

    Sioux Falls' 2003 proposal promised a renovation of Howard Wood Field. It included $2 million from the Sioux Falls City Council, $1.2 million from the school district, $2 million from the state and $400,000 from the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

    After some delays, the Vikings announced in January 2004 the camp would remain in Mankato for a 40th consecutive season.

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    Re: Training camp move

    Been posted already, 4 or 5 pages of it.

    Check it out. I was in the offseason forum, probablt should hav been in the Viking Forum, I can see how you missed it.

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    Re: Training camp move

    Lock her down.

    I Already posted it

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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