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    Trading Coaches??

    I'm just sittin' here, enjoying my extra day off with nothing important to do, and I was thinking.......what if the NFL allowed the trading of coaches/coordinators?? Who would you trade for, and what would you give up for them besides the coach? Because lord knows it would take more than just Tice straight up to get a different coach in here...

    (P.S.--Moved this out of the suggestions forum, rookie mistake)

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    Re: Trading Coaches??

    Isn't that sort of what the Bucs did to get Gruden. I thought they gave up money, and a couple draft picks to get him from Oakland.

    Maybe we should offer up some draft picks for Bill Belichick, or Jack Del Rio.

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    Re: Trading Coaches??

    I may be wrong but, didn't the nfl say that would no longer be permitted!
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