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Thread: Trade Moss?

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    Re: Trade Moss?

    "brett43mvp" wrote:
    looks like you were all wrong on this forum too

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    Re: Trade Moss?

    I stayed out of this argument back when it was fresh. Peoples opinions and faith were getting in the way of an accurate discussion.

    But you sorry ass Packer Troll. It boggles my mind how you are still around. After Caine turned all your attempts at intelligent conversation into drivel. And you continue to try to antagonize people.

    People loved Moss. And you would too if you had someone that gave you as many memories as he did. I think this post shows more about how much desire we have to win then it does about how some were wrong about Moss (jury still out BTW)

    You can't even touch the pride we have going around here. Hell you don't even like our team and yet you hang around like a bodagget wishing you were in some small way a part of this team and this board.

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