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Thread: Trade Bennett

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    Trade Bennett

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    Why don't we trade Smith and our second and 4th draft choices to the Steelers, for their first. Pick up Udeze or Smith, and still be in a good spot to draft Williams at 19?
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    Not a bad idea..........

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    Trade Bennett

    Trading Bennett would be stupid. Heres why. As good as Smith looked his numbers are somewhat inflated. He had 195 yards against Chicago. 35% of his carries for the year were against Chicago. Chicago ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS plays a cover 2 against the Vikes until they get inside the red zone. They only rush 3 and drop 5 or 6 into coverage every play, this makes it very easy to run against and most backs would have big numbers against that. As good as Smith looked Bennett is much more consistant. Also Bennett rarely fumbles, is a better reciever and runner after catch, 11 yards per catch to Smiths 8.6. Bennett is a better pass blocker also, Smith does not know how to block yet.
    Anyone who thinks Smith is as fast as Bennett is just Stoned. The man averaged 5.0 yards per carry coming back from injury. Say Bennett got traded and Smith sprains an ankle or twists a knee or seperates a shoulder, then what? Bring in Moe, Noe is a great 3rd down back and plays his ass off but he is not an every down back. How many runs did he have last year that a LB caught him from behind, they never would have caught Bennett. If you want to trade a back trade Smith. If other teams are as impressed with Smith as those of you who like Smith are, then would it not make sense to trade a him, an unproven 4th round pick and get a higher draft pick or a couple of second round picks or a proven player or 2 and at the same time keep a 1,00 yard pro-bowl running back who is also one of if not the fastest in the league.
    Don't get me wrong I like Smith but it would be stupid to trade Bennett and depend on a 2nd year RB that has not even played a full season yet.
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