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    Toughest Opponent in Regular Season

    "triedandtruevikesfan" wrote:
    "RK" wrote:
    I have to go with the colts. Dungee is a great coach and will be ready for us.
    You know... if I didn't know the vikings history well I would say that too. However look how many people thought that we were gonna lose to the Chiefs last year. They were having an unbelievable season... and not only did we win the game we man handled them! The tough teams don't scare me. For reasons I can't comprehend when we play those teams we look like the best team in the NFL... its the teams that are below .500 that scare the hell outta me!!!
    Great point tnt I totally agree. Its seems we play down to our oppenents level.

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    Toughest Opponent in Regular Season

    its the teams that are below .500 that scare the hell outta me!!!
    Well I can see where you are coming from about the Packers game. They will have a tough time being a .500 team this year. :bootyshake:


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    Toughest Opponent in Regular Season

    no offense to you "football experts"....but the eagles arent that good running game...and to is mcnabbs only reliable target... kearse is an injury caseand they lost their scondary

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    Toughest Opponent in Regular Season

    BigDog, You hit the nail of this topic right square on the HEAD :violent1: . Our Toughest Opponet will be Ourselves.Unfourtuanlly it is the TRUTH.
    I wish it was not that way and hope that some day our chemistry and personal issues our out wieghed by the self worth and future benefit of the team as a whole!!! Until that happens we will alway be our own worst enemy!!!!!
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