It is not that I don't believe that any stats are true, it is just that some stats are better left particular the Emmitt one that I hate so much. Also, sometimes teams let the stats get into their heads...but sometimes the stats have not only a basis in fact, but they also have significance. Like the Tampa stat and the indoor/outdoor stat, which are rooted in weather conditions...which do affect performance. But it is an all too obvious fact that someone who is not used to catching footballs in the freezing cold is going to do worse than someone who plays in that cold every year...the stat becomes much too cliched and given way too much significance. How many times have you heard during the draft the word "upside"*t, as far as I am concerned ALL the draft picks better have upside or I don't want to pick them...the cliches become annoying after awhile and the knowledgable fans want to hear more than buzzwords and hackneyed phrases to describe the event or player.