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    Top 5 NFL quarterbacks ranked (By a Pack fan)

    this year:

    1. Culpepper- a give in
    2. Manning- also, a give in
    3. Mcnabb---he would be lower if TO wasn't there-- i can gaurantee that!
    4. David Carr? yep, he is showing consistency and poise on a mediocre team. You can no longer go into a game against the Texans and expect it to be easy.
    5. a tie between three: Brady, Favre, and Garcia
    all three are doing well but sometimes do not show up. in Brady's case--if don't show up, the rest of the team always does. Farve still has a lot of power and insight's just that when the have to come from behind all the time, he tends to force throws. Garcia--he is a great leader on a mediocre team...they stand behind him and he doesn't even have anyone to throw to.

    McNair don't make the top 5 even with the ties, cause of injuries and lack of concentration... he lost a lot of weapons too.

    there's my opinion anyway.

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    Top 5 NFL quarterbacks ranked (By a Pack fan)

    "fan4favre" wrote:
    "Kleinsasser40" wrote:
    I agree with that list for the most part. However I would put McNabb before Favre. That is for this year alone though. If it was 2 or even 1 year ago I would have favre before McNabb and Cully, but so far this year I think McNabb has been overall better than Favre. Once again its not a stab at packer fans. Its sad, i feel like I need to put this disclaimer on all of my messages. But yeah, i never mean disrespect to Favre. He was one of the best.
    Are we going by stats or overall ability? I have no respect for Mcnabb just because the media wants him to do well and will try to idolize him at any cost. Favre is better than him by a long shot by leadership and ability alone. As for other intangibles, well that is a another conversation.

    I agree. Give favre TO and he would be doing just as good as mcnabb, and probably better. Measure what mcnabb did without TO, and compare that to what daunte can do without moss and what favre has always done with average WR's. Mcnabb does good with average WR's, but daunte and favre do much much better than mcnabb. I still like mcnabb(he does play for my 2nd favorite team), but he still has a lot to learn and get better at, before he can be in the same sentence as manning, daunte and favre.

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    Re: Top 5 NFL quarterbacks ranked (By a Pack fan)

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "GoPackGo989" wrote:
    1. Daunte Culpepper - Dominance. Potential to be the greatest of all-time
    2. Peyton Manning - Just a little behind Pepp
    3. Brett Favre - It's unfortunate that he's forced to try to do it all. If the defense was better, he wouldn't have 6 picks, I guarantee it.
    4. Donovan McNabb - Unlike Culpepper, he NEEDS Terrell Owens to perform this well. Guys like Favre and Culpepper can perform great with other guys like Driver, Ferguson, Burleson, Campbell etc.
    5. Steve McNair

    Yeah, but if this is this years list and not an all time list, I would say that McNair really hasn't done much mainly because he has been injured and not that he couldn't be #5. I think that Pennington gets left of and we need to put Leftwich or Brady in there. I like leftwich, be is going to have more 4th quarter comebacks than Elway and Favre if he keeps this up.

    I might even take McNair and McNabb of and put Ronald McDonald(Leftwich with his joking attitude and laugh kind of remind me of a clown) at #5 and put Old McDonald (Brady reminds me of a hick with designer clothes) in there at #4.


    (honorable mention: Big Ben, McNabb, Warner(when he doesn't fumble))

    Look who has fallen off of the Radar. Brooks, Vick, Pennington and last but not least Hasselbeck. Man look at what loosiing a few games can do for your image, Hasselbeck isn't getting much luv now. Pennington might deserve to be up in the honorable mention.

    The lists WE were making earlier this year had a lot of Penningtons and Vicks and Hasselbecks

    I'd still put vick in there, he is just not in the right offense for him to excell. Also, it takes 2 or 3 years, to truely get the west coast system, so give vick time and he will be a top QB in a few years. He would be now, if he was running the same offense that he did the last 2 years. The new system stunted his growth.

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