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    Re:Top 5 list of tough losses - a new leader.

    Every time the Vikings lose a small part of me dies. The Saints game has given me an irregular heartbeat and 1998 gave me flaming hemorrhoids. Next year I will surely have the clap and a club foot.
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    Re:Top 5 list of tough losses - a new leader.

    Prophet wrote:
    I put this loss right up there behind the four Super Bowls then followed by the pie's-Pearson loss. The rest are all tossed into a blob of frustration.
    This is a pretty accurate post.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re:Top 5 list of tough losses - a new leader.

    1998's loss was very disappointing.
    2009's loss is very frustrating because we could have won by 2 TDs if we could just hold on to the fricken' ball.
    '98's team had an exciting, unstoppable O, but little to no D.
    '09's team had both. I think this was our best chance in a long time to win a SB, and if Favre retires, it might have been our last best chance for a long time to come.

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