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    Re: Top 5 games of the Childress Era

    Quote Originally Posted by "singersp" #1079962
    Quote Originally Posted by "marstc09" #1079896
    I will always remember Chilly for the beat down we took from the Pack at home this year. Unacceptable.
    That suck-ass display of play calls could've been on Bevell's namesake with Childress at fault for allowing it or it could have been the fault of Childress for changing what was called.

    We won't know until we see a few games with Bevell calling plays........

    or will it be Favre?
    Or it could be a combo of all 3.

    Childress was not HC material. He didn't have the qualities needed to put together a perpetually competitive team, didn't have the flexibility to adapt to changes in personnel and I am not convinced he put together that great of a coaching staff. If the team goes on to win most of the remaining games and unite as a team then I will be wrong on one of those points but really we have a good change of seeing much the same on the field the rest of the year. Hopefully Leslie can get things going in the right direction though and we can build something going into next year.

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    Re: Top 5 games of the Childress Era

    Hey dfosterf, fix your sign. Nobody can read or respond to your posts.

    BTW how is your Chilly case coming? LOL

    I laughed so hard at your listening/reading and less talking comment. I don't talk, I write. I know that is a difficult concept for Puker fans. BTW the MST does allow for direct linking. You just can't figure it out. I have done it multiple times.

    You still have failed to address my point. I have blamed Favre for many things. So who is one sided?

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    Re: Top 5 games of the Childress Era

    If that makes you feel good, I'm fine with it.


    A touch of actual class would never kill you. Maybe it would. You would have to grow up and stuff.

    We can't have that! It's not popular or good around here !

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