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    Re: Top 3 Vikings all time: QB Edition

    "LongtimeVikesfan" wrote:
    1. Fran Tarkenton - Will always be known as the greatest Vikings QB ever or at least until we run a string of Superbowls.

    2. Joe Kapp - may have QB'd arguably the best Vikings team ever.

    3. Tie: Cunningham/Culpepper/Johnson - They each had their strong points…but no Superbowl

    Just my opinion but until someone gets us to the Promised Land and a Lombardi Trophy, #3 will always be a tie no matter who it is.
    I was alive during Joe Kapp's days as a Viking, but can't say I remember them.
    From what I've read on the guy and the stories I've heard, I would have enjoyed seeing him play.
    Took us to our first super bowl, and was a winner with the CFL teams he played for (which were mostly dogs before he arrived).
    Got to put him at #2.

    #1 - Fran
    #2 - Kapp
    #3 - Daunte (love him or hate him, he was one of our most productive QB's in his day)

    HM - Tommy Kramer
    -- fodder for Vikings folklore for years to come.
    For all his faults his comebacks will always be remembered.
    He was a 13 year viking with over 24,000 passing yards.

    Cunningham had a great year, but the one season is a little too short to be put on the greatest 3 Vikings QB.

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    Re: Top 3 Vikings all time: QB Edition

    "Garland" wrote:
    Well since it is the off season and most of us, including me wishes the draft was tomorrow. So i figured lets look at who we all think we would rate as he top 3 position by position. Figured to start first with the QB's, and hope this doesn't turn into the next TJack debate. So post your lists and if you want give a reason as to why.

    1. Tarkenton-To me he was the best to play the game at Qg for the Vikes

    2. Kramer-To minute, two many what ever we called him he was a very Good QB

    3. Cunningham-Debated this one alot with about 4 other players. Yeah he was here for only a short time but waht a season 1998 was.
    Tark (duh)
    Kramer (duh)
    Joe Kapp


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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