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    Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    First off, doesn't everyone feel a little better about the Vikings knowing that the Eagles beat the Giants, too?
    Clearly, they were a better team than their record indicated.
    As fans (I'm as guilty of this as the next person) we tend to blame our own team more than give due credit to the other.
    I think the Eagles beat the Vikings more than the Vikings lost to the Eagles . . . although we did play them very solidly for one half.

    And isn't this year's NFC Championship wild?
    (9-6-1) Eagles at (9-7) Cardinals.
    Who would have thought?
    This is why I love the NFL.
    I'm pulling for the Cardinals simply because they've never been there before, although I'd be a little humiliated to see them win a SB before the Vikes . . .

    Anyway . . .

    I just had the urge to do this for some reason:
    Here are my top ten memorable (in a good way!) Vikings games.
    This is off the top of my head, so perhaps some selections would be different if I gave it more time.
    Also keep in mind that I am nineteen, so my memory only goes back until about '97.

    (Chronological Order)

    At New York '97 (playoffs)
    This was the game that taught me to always watch until the end.
    Down 9 with time running out, my dad and I figured the game was over and decided to go get haircuts (and avoid that depressing feeling that comes when the clock strikes 0:00). Turns out we missed a fantastic finish as the Vikings scored, recovered an onside kick, and won the game with a field goal.
    I truly believe this game provided momentum for the team's run in '98.

    At Green Bay '98:
    Vikings fan is going to remember this one.
    It was the Vikings first win in Lambeau that I can recall and the national unveiling of Randy Moss.
    The Packers had no answer for the Vikings aerial attack and the Vikings won in convincing fashion on MNF.

    At Dallas '98
    This was the first time I recall the Vikings playing on Thanksgiving in my life.
    A magical game in a magical year.
    The Vikings pick apart "America's Team" in a game that is full of symbolic.
    It was the end of an era in Dallas and the beginning of one in Minnesota.
    Randy Moss's
    three TDs of over 50 yards were a harsh reminder to a team that had passed him over.

    Vs. Green Bay '01
    This game is significant to me because I was there.
    At least in terms of final score, it was one of the Vikings most commanding victories against the Packers in my life (35-13).
    I specifically recall Kailee Wong intercepting a Favre pass and returning it for a TD.

    At New Orleans '02
    In what was a throw away year, and down 31-32, Mike Tice elects to go for two to win the game.
    Culpepper fumbles the snap, picks it up, and runs in for the winning conversion.
    The Vikings ride the momentum to win their final 3 games (finish 6-10) and a 6-0 start in 2003.

    Miami '02
    Another great game in what was a horrible year.
    The Vikings knock the Dolphins (and Cris Carter) out of the playoffs on an improbable 50+ yard FG by Gary Andersen.

    Kansas City '03
    After a heartbreaking loss at Chicago a week prior, the Vikings play host to the 12-1 (I think) Kansas City Chiefs.
    Many of the players let the 'fros flow and it seemed to give them an attitude; the Vikings dominated en route to a 45-17 victory.

    At Green Bay '04 (playoffs)
    Against all odds, the 8-8 Vikings go into Lambeau and take apart the heavily favored Packers on 4 INTs of Favre and a shooting of the moon.
    This game defined Randy Moss's legacy with the Vikings, and was for all intents and purposes, his swan song with the franchise.

    At New York '05
    One of the most improbable victories of all.
    An absolutely anemic Vikings offense headed by Brad Johnson manages to avert a major mistake and let the other units improvise.
    The Vikings win 24-21 on a KR by Koren Robinson, INT return by Darren Sharper, and PR by Meweldge Moore.
    It was the first time in NFL history that one team had returned a kick, punt, and interception for a TD.
    A stunning game, really.

    San Diego '07
    An underdog at home against a very good Charger team, Adrian Peterson explodes for a record setting 296 yard game.
    It was AP AD and the Chargers simply had no answer.

    And there you have it.
    Feel free to add your own lists or comment on mine!

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    I'd have us beating greenbay at their house in the playoffs as number one. I'd also move the Kansas City one up a couple notches (for me personally) because I won a sh!tload of money off of that game.
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    Those weren't in order of preference (that's just too hard).
    I put them in chronological order instead.

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    wow thanks for taking time to make this terrific post. brought back a lot of good memories

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    Some of my faves (in no particular order) are:

    The Saints and 49er's games in the 87-88 play-offs.
    We backed into the play-offs and then steamrolled the 2 hottest teams in the league as double digit underdogs.
    That's when everyone got to know the name Keith Millard.

    1988 Dallas game (on Thanksgiving, I think) where we beat them by 40 plus points.
    I hate Dalas and the game was so lopsided.
    I remember Doleman helping the Dallas QB up after a sack and telling him to buck up and that things would not always be this bad.

    1989 Cleveland game at Municipal Stadium. I was there with 10" of snow and sub zero temps.
    The water pipes were frozen and beer was available only in cans and cokes from 2-liter bottles (and it froze in the cups unless you added some whiskey to make a slushy.)
    The Vikings lost in overtime (which is probably the only way we escaped with our lives) but it was one of the funnest game/roadtrips I've been to.
    BTW, we won the division the next week against Cincinatti.

    1999-2000 Wildcard game against Dallas.
    My 1st game at the Dome and beating Dallas again.
    I remember Deion Sander taunting the crowd as he waited to return a punt.
    He was so busy taunting that he forgot to count the men on the field and Dallas had too many Cowboys out there so the Vikings got the ball back.
    Amazing to see so much purple.

    2008 Vikings at Titans.
    The game sucked but all the fans that travelled to TN (especially all the PPOer's)and the whole Party weekend counts as one of my fave Viking memories.
    Tim Irwin and Zygi showing up to tailgate was amazing.
    Maybe not technically a fave game but still my fave pre-game, etc.

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    You know what's sad?
    I don't remember that '99 Viking/Cowboy playoff game at all.
    It just didn't stick for me, for whatever reason.
    I wish it did.
    Beating the Cowboys comes second only to beating the Packers.

    Another one I just remembered was the Vs. San Fransisco in '03.
    Daunte Culpepper was injured and Gus Frerotte stepped in and heaved 3 TDs to Randy Moss in a blowout.
    What was especially great was watching TO bitch on the sideline after being totally shown up.

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    At Green Bay '04 (playoffs)

    Greatest game on my memory, by a long shot. We go into the hostile territory as heavy underdogs and tear the Packers apart. Moss destroys their defense despite playing banged up. Defense owns Favre all day. Against all odds, we dominate.

    Simply a perfect game.

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    08 at home against the Packers was pretty sweet. That was a roller coaster of a game, seeing AD put the team on his shoulders and get that late touchdown was amazing. Alot of Packer fans talking smack in the dome, don't think I've ever wanted a victory more than I did late in the 4th quarter of that game.

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    ^I agree.

    This year's victory against the Packers was special since we had lost to them 5 in a row (the worst streak in my entire life).
    It was the game that changed the season for both teams.
    When we won that won, our season took off and theirs plummeted.

    I remember Peterson was stuffed on a 4th and 1 (I felt especially sheepish since I had called for us to hand him the ball on that play).
    Things didn't look good at that point.
    But after that, he took the team on his back and willed it to victory.

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    Re: Top 10 Vikings Games of my Life

    I have to second that playoff Victory against the niners in '88. With A.C putting on the performance of a lifetime.

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