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    Re: Top 10 Homefield Advantages: Metropolitan Stadium

    All I know is I could have gone the whole day without seeing Gary Anderson miss that kick........again.

    I say bring on the cold if it helps us win as stated in the youtube.

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    Re: Top 10 Homefield Advantages: Metropolitan Stadium

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1099588
    Quote Originally Posted by "Purple Floyd" #1099559
    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1099402
    I never had the opportunity to go watch a game in the Met, but I have alot of family that has. Some comments from them about it.....

    a. The Cold.

    b. How far you had to sit from the action.

    c. The Cold.

    d. Uncomfortable benches.

    e. The Cold.

    I had an opportunity to visit with a few of my Uncles on my recent trip home this spring. All of them said the would not go to a game if it was outdoors in the cold. They said that they would leave that support to the young people.

    In the end, I like the idea of an open air stadium, but I also understand that it could possibly impact ticket sales if they didn't have the option of closing the roof when it was below 50 with the wind chill.
    Packers fans and Bears across the country right now are shaking their heads in both amazement and in confidence that the Vikings really have the worst fan base in the division.
    I came to that realization sometime early last year my friend. I don't even try to defend them anymore.

    On a side note, try to convince me that an open air stadium won't cause a big shift in who buys tickets for Vikings games especially the one later in the season.
    Heck, I'll go one better than that.

    Try and convince me that the same fans that buy tickets at an average 75 dollars a seat per game now will be the same ones who will be buying them when they are an average 160 dollars a ticket in a new stadium. That is a bump of 85 dollars a ticket and 340 for a family of 4 multiplied by 10 games a season ( 2 preseason) and that is a bump of 850 for a single seat or 3400 per family of 4.

    Do you really think joe six pack is going to shell out that kind of cash ?

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    Re: Top 10 Homefield Advantages: Metropolitan Stadium

    Its too bad I am not old enough to have experienced a game at the old Met. I imagine the experience there was fantastic. Ive watched a few old Vikings games from the 80's when they played at The Met and the atmosphere seemed unparalleled! I mean, how do you not take the sidelines, freezing your ass off as the visiting team, and not feel fear as ODIN is looking down on you laughing. For ODIN knows you were about to be downright outclassed. I hope if/when they get the go ahead for the new stadium that a replica or new ODIN statue if built.

    Is anyone else getting the feeling that if the Wilf's are not granted permission for a stadium to be built in Arden Hills, then the Vikings are all but destined to be moved to LA?

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