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    Toothless Vikings or grounded Jets?

    Toothless Vikings or grounded Jets?

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    Re: Toothless Vikings or grounded Jets?

    Thanks for the read my friend.

    On Aug. 17, Vikings fans got their wish, and Favre formally rejoined the team.
    Not all fans got thier wish.

    It is safe to label the Vikings' season a disappointment, and should the Jets be one-and-done in the playoffs, they can expect equal disdain from the media and their fans. It is difficult to say which team responded better to their various crises, but one thing is certain — Vikings and Jets fans will not soon forget the nightmare of 2010.
    I can remember a few that were more disappointing that this year, but it is right up there with a couple of them. Order I would rank them, worst first.....

    1975 First one that really remember the whole season for.
    1978 The whole year sucked. Then Fran retired.
    1982 Scabbbbbbbbssssssss
    1998 First time since 75 I really thought we were gonna go all the way.
    1983 Bud retires

    Vikings History
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