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    Re: TJack's Playoff Game Analysed

    "VikingsTw" wrote:
    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "purpledoom" wrote:
    Agree wholeheartedly. He has to improve. I'm still not convinced he's the guy to lead us to the Superbowl or even that he's not. Although I do lean more that way.
    Yup, Work Ethic, Ability, and Progress keep me intrested in the future of Tarvaris. I think that other than Donavan McNabb, Tarvaris has a situation similiar in the fact that our franchise is set up for a team ready to contest for SB rings. Tarvaris has a real good opportunity to be apart of that, going into his 4th season he must show consistency. I know that he's Childress's guy but I don't hesitate when considering the possibility of moving on without him if he can't handle it. If we can fix the pass protection issues its going to help him alot, it will start to give him major confidence in the way Eli gained his with the Giants last year. We need a #2 WR, I still think Rice can be that guy, but he has to stay healthy. I think the Vikings are building a team that should be in alot of big games come the future. My biggest issue is probably what I would consider underachieving. I figured 10-6 would be the lowest record for last year, after watching the games we left too much to be desired, we really need to pick our game up and become consistent as an orginization in every facet. Not just Tarvaris Jackson.

    Hear hear. I agree completely. We are tantalyzingly close to being very very good I think.

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    Re: TJack's Playoff Game Analysed

    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    Thought it might be important to throw in some other QB playoff dissapointments

    Flacco against Miami(Ravens still win)
    9/23 135yds 0td/0int

    Rivers against Colts(Chargers still win)
    20/36 217yds 0td/1int

    E. Manning Against Philly
    15/29 169yds 0td/2int

    Delhomme against Arizona
    17/34 205yds 1td/5int

    k. collins vs Baltimore
    26/42 281yds 0td/1int

    Flacco against Steelers
    13/30 141yds 0td/3int

    Some are worse then others but I'll bet everyone of them is their teams starter next year(maybe not Collins).

    Also some guys choked in must win week 17 games
    Romo vs Philly
    21/39 183yds 0td/1int

    B Favre vs Miami
    20/40 233yds 1td/3int
    I started to track this type of stuff early this year (actually made a thread I couldn't find) with the mindset that the 300 yard passer is outdated.
    Kindof quite after awhile cause I got bored with it.......

    It would be interesting to see how many teams won last year with QB's who managed games and had stats close to what you listed above against QBs that passed for over 300 yards......
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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