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    Re:TJack or Sage - who to trade?

    Johnson14 wrote:
    Zeus wrote:
    It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Sage Rosenfels will be the odd-man out when the Vikings get down to three QBs now that Favre has returned.

    If we operation under the assumptions that:
    1. They want to keep Joe Webb as a long-term project
    2. They don't think they can get Webb onto the Practice squad

    Then - who do you trade/release?

    Tarvaris Jackson -
    Why trade him:
    * I can't recall if he will be a UFA or RFA after the 2010 season, but that plays into it. If he's a UFA, then he could easily walk and, if Sage is gone, then the Vikings are left with no one but Joe Webb under contract. Ouch.
    * He's injury prone. Fair or not, Tarvaris has had several significant game-missing injuries during his career as a Viking.
    * He's scattershot, at best. Who knows what a year sitting behind Favre has done for him. But his past track record indicates that his accuracy and decision-making are sketchy.
    Why keep him:
    * He's young.
    * He's got a strong arm and athletic skills to avoid the rush.
    * He knows the offense(or should).
    * He's Chilly's guy.

    Sage Rosenfels -
    Why trade him:
    * He's a 10-year vet who has failed to earn a starting job at any point in his career.
    * His arm is the weaker of the two.
    * He's being paid big money to be a 3rd QB. Maybe not that much to be a 2nd QB, but it's still not a small price for a backup.
    Why keep him:
    * He is a veteran who seems to have a better ability to read defenses than TJack (key word: seems).
    * He is a winner - at least at the college level. I have a personal interest in this point, as I am an Iowa State fan.
    * His performance in the pre-season game the other night was strong.
    * He's under contract through 2011.

    Just some thoughts on the top of my head. It seems that everyone (not just on PPO, but across the Viking Universe) thinks Sage is the odd-man out. The contract and potential to be down only to Webb scares me.

    What do others think?

    Excellent post/thread Z.

    Neither have great trade value really but if we could get maybe a 4th round pick from someone then i would trade and it would be Sage I'd trade away. I wouldn't be opposed to keeping them both but i really don't see them chancing getting Webb on the practice squad. Webb has raw ability and is clearly a project that they see could reap reward with the right moulding and effort.
    They could tweak the roster to keep 4 QB's but we are loaded with talent in other area's and cutting the minimum will be hard enough but to cut another to make room for the 4th QB would be an extremely difficult thing to do.

    It will be interesting to see how this works itself out.
    I agree. Not likely we'll keep 4 QB's. Do not forget. They are also considering keeping two Kickers. That will also play into the equation.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Re:TJack or Sage - who to trade?

    I can think of 3 million reasons why Sage is gone.

    I think he was as good as gone whether Favre came back or not, which further explains the Vikings supposed interest in Garcia.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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