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    TiVo'ing the Vikings game, and burning onto DVD.

    Hey anyone on here record the games and record them onto DVD using their PC or does everyone that do that have a dedicated DVD recorder unit?

    I've still got several of the games on TiVo from this season (OK from the second half of the season, I'll admit I erased most of the early season games.).

    I want to burn them onto DVD and take them off TiVo. And was trying to do so this morning with my PC. I recorded the game into my PC using Microsoft Media Center and the built in TV Tuner I have, but my problem now is that the first one I tried (Vikes/Packers Monday Night game) is 3:19 of recorded time and it takes up 9G in its present form, so obviously it wont fit onto a 4.7G DVD.

    How do people who have done this before do it? Is there some software or can you somehow compress the file or somthing that I dont know about? How much Video time should you be able to burn onto a DVD?

    Anyone that knows I would love to hear what you think.


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    Re: TiVo'ing the Vikings game, and burning onto DVD.

    I would like to know also. I am thinking of doing that next year as opposed to using my DVD Recorder.

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    Re: TiVo'ing the Vikings game, and burning onto DVD.

    I know a lot of it depends on the unit you have it has to have the "Tivo To Go" feature. Some of the older ones do not allow you burn the stuff from the Tivo to a DVD.

    here's an aritcle on it

    As of January 2005, TiVo has finally delivered on its long-promised TiVo To Go feature, which lets users of the popular DVR transfer recorded programs to their networked PCs and burn them to disc with the computer's built-in DVD burner.

    In addition to a supported TiVo box (with an active TiVo account), you'll need a Windows PC with a DVD burner and a home network to link the two devices. The TiVo To Go functionality should already be present on your TiVo, but your PC will need the latest TiVo Desktop software. Burning TiVo recordings to disc requires the purchase of Sonic MyDVD (version 6.1 or later). A free trial version of the software is available here.

    As with any tech goodie, however, TiVo To Go has its own set of caveats. For starters, TiVo To Go is currently available only for standalone Series 2 models from TiVo or Humax. The feature is not available for TiVo-powered DVD recorders manufactured by Humax, Pioneer, or Toshiba (hardly a loss, though, since those models have their own built-in burners). Most importantly, TiVo To Go won't work with DirecTV's TiVo satellite boxes; DirecTV has its own media-savvy DVRs on the roadmap for later in 2005. And finally, there's no TiVo To Go software support for Apple Macintosh computers yet, but TiVo reports that its engineers are working on it. Indeed, TiVo's other network media features remain very Mac-friendly.

    For a more detailed examination of TiVo To Go and all of TiVo's Home Media features--including online scheduling, digital photo and music support, and multiroom viewing--see CNET's hands-on review.
    The only thing I dont really agree with this is that it says you HAVE to you use Sonic MyDVD (version 6.1 or later). Unless the Tivo desktop software converts the stuff from Tivo into a really weird format I would think you could use any DVD burning prgoram.

    If anyone needs help on this feel free to PM me

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    Re: TiVo'ing the Vikings game, and burning onto DVD.

    its a good idea, but it takes alot of cpu space to move to from dvd to harddrive. i have this other site that records stuff and then puts in on their site and when you can download and watch it. would be interesting if we could have our own little highlight packages each week
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