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Thread: titans game

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    titans game

    just wondering if anyone was going to the titan game. and also wondering about tailgating, will there be like a general public party or just in your own personal parking space. in san diego they have like the wole radio station there and parties with the cheerleaders and stuff. i was just wondering becuse i don't think were gonna park in the domes lot because we are gonna stay in a nearby hotel and are probably gonna walk or just park nearby. so i was just wondering how you tailgat in minnesota. pease any info will help thanks

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    titans game

    If you're parked downtown, at a hotel on game day, I'd recommend leaving your car and walking to the tailgating lots on Washington Avenue between the dome and the river. It's a big enough party there where you'll blend in. Wear plenty of Purple. The cheerleaders and Ragnar show up. I don't recall any vendors at the tailgating lots, although I might be wrong. On the downtown side of the dome they close down the streets before every game for a street party. Vendors are there, along with KFAN, and other fun stuff. It's a blast. I always go a few hours early.

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    titans game

    I am going to the game but I live in Illinois, so I am sure that I am not much help on what goes on at the dome but I can't wait to find out!
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