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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    "scottishvike" wrote:
    "AWZeus" wrote:
    "THEBIGDADDY" wrote:
    Didn't we have some sort of Dinosaur thing as well?
    According to Wikipedia:
    Another mascot associated with the Vikings was "Vikadontis Rex." V.R. was a purple dinosaur and was the official mascot of the Minnesota Vikings Children's Fund. V.R. took part in the 1995 Celebrity Mascot Olympics. Vikadontis was retired starting with the 2000 season.
    Thankfully, several Google Image searches resulted in no pictures of V.R.

    Well hate it or love it I uncovered this little beauty........

    [img width=75 height=100][/img]

    and here's the site where I found the picture it has more stuff about Vikes mascots (if anyone really cares)......
    so help me if they go to a purple dinosour it will not be good!!! he could get shot!
    i believe we need to stay with the rugged Viking nothing else would be right.

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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    Ragnar has to stay....he looks like an invading Viking and is easily the best mascot in the NFL!

    I may be wrong but sometime in the past wasn't there a proposal for or they did have for awhile a purple fluffy dinosaur type>>>NOT BARNEY!!

    WE need killer mascot not some fussy wussie thing...GO RAGNAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    you guys i would be so embarrassed if we had anything that resembles a purple fluffy thing as a mascot. SO EMARRASSED!!! the boat incident would seem like nothing compared to that!
    "God has blessed me tremendously. I'd be a fool to complain."
    "From what I understand, the coaches will put the best 11 on the field."
    -Tyrell Johnson

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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    Get rid of Ragnar? Are you kidding me? The vikings easily have the best mascot in the NFL. Everyone else's is a puffy animal. We have a real viking dude up there swinging his axe around and riding a kick jiggly butt motorcycle around the stadium. You can't beat that.

    Right on PPE...

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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    That guy is the best mascot in football. Period.

    He does everything from throwing the other teams fans' hats onto the ground to mocking the cheerleaders dances to driving snowmobiles.
    Not to mention his costume is so real he is a Viking.

    [img size=100][/img]
    "The Vikes have gotta do what the Vikes have gotta do." ;-)

    -theman, gameday

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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    i just cant beleive that it was even thought of about replacing him, yet alone making a thread of it, no way should he be replaced

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    Re: Time for a new mascot?

    Do you actually want Ragnar to cut his hair, shave his beard, and take a bath?
    Then change his name from Ragnar to Pussy.

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