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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "Rookie444" wrote:
    cool, thanks man. my fault
    If you need any help, just post away in that forum. Many members are very gracious.

    Get 150 posts and we'll make you a custom sig, yeah! :grin:

    Ultra will you make me a custom sig, I just went over 2000 and would like one. If you would I would like one that is like the purple bleeding heart instead I want it Green and I want a GB on the front and I want a dagger (mean and long looking with maybe a viking sig on it some how) sticking in the heart and the heart dripping yellow blood from the wound.

    I do not have the necessary programs to do this.

    It would be great of you Ultra, if you do not want to no big deal.
    Wow. You'll have to give me some time to find some images to use.

    If you have any, PM me with them.

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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    Sorry Ultra I do not! Do not waste a lot of time, It was just a thought and I do not want to put you through a lot of work.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    After taking a "fan break" for a couple of days to let my "Purple Foam" subside, I must reluctantly conclude that Wilf is right. IMHO a coaching change to outside the organization would be suicidal for the season. In the unlikely event that Tice pulls a rabbit out of his a$$ and the team turns on the afterburners and goes deep into the playoffs, his job would be secure. At this point I don't think the Vikes have anything to lose by keeping him on....and there is always a slim chance that something will jell. If they still look pathetic in 3 weeks...different story.
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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    purplemafia i thought he did change the team... didnt he add sharper and stuff?

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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    I have been on this forum the last 5 weeks & have come to this conclusion;

    If everything happens the way the negatives are shaping up, the entire coaching staff & organization are gone. O-line gone & Culppepper benched traded or gone. All the injured players that are trying to help support their team anyway they can that the fans don't want hanging around because there not out there in the trenches - gone. Now take into consideration all the players who were finger-pointed & blamed for our losses that people wanted benched, traded or gone - consider them benched, traded or gone!

    I think that leaves us with Brad (& only because he hasn't taken the field yet), Memo, Erasmus James, Smoot, Kluwe, Edinger, the practice squad, Ragnar, Spiking-Viking, some of the cheerleaders, the little boy who runs out & picks up the kicking-T & the guy selling hotdogs in the stand, with no one to coach them.

    There are 12 weeks left & by the time it's thru I'm sure each & everyone of them will get blamed for a loss along the way & they to should be, benched or gone!

    So at the end of the year we have no team or coaches & a bunch of dis-gruntled fans, except for those of us still here supporting the team.

    But don't worry! Alas, there are 24 other teams out there with .500 records or less which means there should be 24 head coaches looking for work next year along with their staff & a huge pool of talented players that Zygi can build a new team from.

    Get the picture! The Vikings are our team no matter what. Let's try & be a little more supportive. It's OK to criticize, vent your frustration & voice your opinions. But this has been a grand scale lynching of epic proportions & draft party in just 4 weeks.

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    Wilf says Tice's job safe...

    Wilf says Tice's job safe - espn

    Yeah, kind of like Glen Taylor saying Flip Saunders job was safe with the TWolves last year????

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    Cotrell and Tice Diggin This Team to The Ground!!!

    I agree with Fox Sports's Adam Shcein about these coaches having no clue on how to manage this team!!! They are the ones sinking us to the ground!! Gee, I wonder what we would be if we had Dungy as our HC, Tom Mora as our OC, or Childress, Reid and Jim Johnson???

    You know why Cotrell was let go of? Because he dug the jets defense in the ground!!! Thats why Herm let him go, he took a talented group and they almost allowed 300 points on total defense the year he was fired!!!

    LOOK AT OUR TALENT!! We have everything we need to go to the superbowl!!! We are by FAR the most talented team in the division and are right their with the eagles in the NFC, and are tied with the Colts in the AFC. I cant beleive some people say our lb's suck our Daunte SUCKS!!! Lay off, the whole team is in a slump because of the coaching problems, its not all his fault.

    I want you guys do do a position analysis grading talent on this team

    Heres Mine:

    QB- Culpepper, Johnson, Hill. Culpepper can BE GREAT, but many circumstances have caused his struggle this year. A-

    RB- M Moore, M Benett, M Williams, C Fason All good runningbacks, solid players but WE HAVE NO RUN BLOCKING WITH BIRK AND DIXON GONE!!! B+

    FB- Kleinsasser- We NEED FOR HIM TO BLOCK MORE AND LESS PASSING ROUTES!!! Keep him in for max protection for DC and take Wiggins out on deep pass plays. A-

    WR- T. Taylor, K. Rob, M. Rob, T WIll, Burly, Howry- Great Corps, need to get K Rob in the game more. A

    TE- Wiggins, Richard Owens- Wiggins is a great short option BUT NO DEEP THREAT- B

    O LINE- This line has been horrendous in pass and run protection this year!!! 24 sacks, numerous penalties, no push from the o line. Rosenthal and Lewinski are STRUGGLING ALOT!! Mckiniie SOLID but not Spectacular. Fowler doing decent. We need a Great Veteran Guard and Birk Back. C- at best.

    D Line- Injuries have hurt us. Why no Erasmus, we drafted him so HIGH!!! Let him be a Dwight Freeney for us and go get the Qb. P WIll Great, K Will becoming better, but WE NEED MORE PUSH FROM INTERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B- ( This group can easily be an A)

    Linebackers- Henderson, THomas, Harris, Cowart, Newman, Smith- Based ON TALENT, this group is an A because our young linebackers have SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but Cotrell is making it hard for our defense with all these plays and different crap every week, making it easy for us to underachieve. B

    D Backs- Smoot, A Will, Chavous, Sharper. Everyone in this group is good except for Chavous, who is average to below average, as we saw yesterday getting juked out by an injured Thomas Jones. Ralph Brown is solid, Kenny Irvin is old, let him go. B Will can be ok, but is too slow. Our corners get an A, our safeties a B(Sharpers an A, Chavous is a C.) Too bad Offord is gone.

    Special Teams

    Edinger D
    Kluwe A

    Kick and Punt Return F

    Guys, the point is we dont even need all these players, look at Washington. Who on their D line is good except for Cornelius Griffin? Nobody is really that good. Who is Demitric Evans, Joe Saleva, Ron Warner?? THeir Linebackers dont even Have Arrington, but are still DOING GREAT, and none of those guys are even close to being as talented as Arrington except for M. Washington. Lemar Marshall is better than Sam Cowart or EJ?? I think not. Napoleon Harris has great potenital with great speed, Same with DT, and Raonall Smith is just a beast of an athlete. Keith Newman is a great pass rusher, but NaPO should still start I beleive. This group is alot better than most groups, despite what you guys say. And Our secondary is a good group. Darren Sharper is not overrated, trust me. He used to tear it up all the time in Green Bay, he was always know as a good player. Hey, he's not what he USED TO be, but look at Rodney Harrison when he came to the Patriots, EVeryone thought he was old, slow and washed up but he helped win 2 superbowls. TALENT IS NOT WHAT WE NEED, BUT DISCIPLINE FROM THE COACHES, AND TEAMWORK. Football is a team game, and you win with 11 players ALL DOING THE SAME THING, NOT MAKING MENTAL MISTAKES!!! Whose fault is that, the coaches. Physical mistakes are based on a lack of talent, we only make mental ones because we ARE LACKING A BRAIN!!!

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