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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    Please this time can we hire someone who is ready to be a head coach in the NFL.
    "Meet at the quarterback!" -Purple People Eaters

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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    Ouch. sorry aout that. I checked this thread and didn't see it posted, so instead of creating a new thread I put it here. I glanced at the thread titles and nothing stood out. If I post it again, would that cancel the first one I did? :wink:

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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    Replacing Vikings' coach during the season was never a viable alternative


    Zygi Wilf says Mike Tice is the Vikings coach for the rest of the season. Period.

    That will not stop the peanut gallery from calling for Tice's head. After all, many of these same folks have called for Jerry Burns' head, Dennis Green's head, Ron Gardenhire's head, Glen Mason's head, Flip Saunders' head, Tom Kelly's head, Dan Monson's head, the governor's head and the archbishop's head.

    If it starts to drizzle outside, somebody's head has to roll. In other areas of the country they boo or hiss to show displeasure. Here, we want a decapitation.

    I'm OK with that, too. It just shows that people care, even if it is in a brass knuckles to the kidneys sort of way.

    Subtlety is overrated, anyway, and I've always preferred a pie in the face to a droll remark.

    So Zygi's pronouncement on Tice — "He's with me this whole season." — will have no effect on the general population, other than perhaps creating an overall rise in blood pressure.

    It should, however, have an impact on the coaching staff and the team. Now everyone can quit looking over their shoulders and instead concentrate on turning this mess around. Tice is the guy the rest of the way, which means the assistants are all safe for now, too.

    It's tough to coach properly with your head on a swivel.

    Of course, half of the players may be too stupid to understand Zygi's statement. I base that on Monday's team meeting, during which Tice gave a talk about never quitting and a bunch of guys came away convinced that the coach was about to resign.

    Clearly it is a mistake to try to communicate with some of these fellows. What was Tice thinking? And it is no wonder so many of them are screwing up their assignments.

    I give high marks to Zygi for stating what I consider to be the obvious: There's no way Tice could be replaced at this point in the schedule. It's simply impossible.

    On those rare occasions when an NFL coach is dismissed during the season, especially early in a season, one of the coordinators usually takes over on an interim basis.

    Do you see that happening here? Steve Loney has been offensive coordinator for four games and already is taking a tremendous amount of heat. So far, Ted Cottrell's stint as defensive coordinator has been awful. His defense continues to be a major part of the overall problem.

    No one on staff is capable of taking over. And it is ridiculous to even think about bringing in someone from outside the organization four games into the season. He wouldn't be familiar with the personnel. He wouldn't be able to implement a system.

    Nope, this is Tice's baby all the way. He'll either right the ship or go down with it and then be gone in 2006. He deserves more than four games to get everything in order, anyway. It's good that Zygi got it out in the open.

    Besides, Zygi has been owner for about 10 minutes. I'm not sure he would know how to go about looking for a new coach. And I'm not sure there is anyone on his staff who could recommend one.

    It clearly was the right course of action. It gives the coach time to try to straighten things out, which I think could happen, and it gives the owner time to get his feet on the ground in case he has to clean house later.

    The addition of consultants Foge Fazio (defense) and Jerry Rhome (offense) also was a good move. It shows the owner is behind the coach and trying to help him through.

    This turn of events won't appease all those who are screaming for Tice's head. But they could do themselves a favor and prevent a lot of acid indigestion by coming to grips with the fact that he is going to be here at least until the end of this season.

    If they do, then they can turn their attention to other things, such as calling for Daunte Culpepper's head.

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    Re: "Official Mike Tice and Co Thread"

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "Rookie444" wrote:
    cool, thanks man. my fault
    If you need any help, just post away in that forum. Many members are very gracious.

    Get 150 posts and we'll make you a custom sig, yeah! :grin:

    Ultra will you make me a custom sig, I just went over 2000 and would like one. If you would I would like one that is like the purple bleeding heart instead I want it Green and I want a GB on the front and I want a dagger (mean and long looking with maybe a viking sig on it some how) sticking in the heart and the heart dripping yellow blood from the wound.

    I do not have the necessary programs to do this.

    It would be great of you Ultra, if you do not want to no big deal.
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    Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what

    Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what
    Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgad, Star Tribune
    October 5, 2005

    Vikings owner Zygi Wilf ruled out the possibility Tuesday that coach Mike Tice could be fired before the end of the season, regardless of the team's performance.

    "I'm backing our coach 100 percent," Wilf said. "I'm going to do whatever is necessary to give him whatever help he needs to improve our team. I don't know if he's always gotten that. He's our coach for this season, as we have said many times before. So that's the situation, and my message is: 'Let's go try to win our division.' "

    The Vikings are just a half-game out of the NFC North lead but have lost three of their first four games, prompting national speculation that Tice's job could be in jeopardy. Tice's contract, which is paying him $1 million this season, expires Jan. 31, but Wilf has said many times that he would not decide Tice's future until after the season.

    Wilf reiterated that sentiment Tuesday, and said much of an upcoming organizational retreat will focus on turning around the team's fortunes immediately.

    "Our coaching situation is something we'll discuss at the end of the year," Wilf said. "Right now, all we're trying to address is how we're going to win our division. We're getting together over the weekend partly for that purpose. We have had plans to have a lot of discussion relating to our long-term goals as an organization, but we're also going to talk about how we can improve the team right now. We're all working together on that."

    Udeze surgery

    Kenechi Udeze, the Vikings' starting left defensive end, is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery today in Denver to assess the damage to his left knee. The procedure will be overseen by Dr. Richard Steadman.

    Udeze missed Sunday's loss at Atlanta after suffering a chondral (cartilage) defect and damage to the meniscus in the Vikings' victory over New Orleans on Sept. 25.

    Tice indicated he didn't expect Udeze would return for the Vikings' first game after the bye, in Chicago on Oct. 16.

    "Kenechi is probably going to be a little longer than [the Chicago game]," Tice said. "Hopefully no worse than a few weeks."

    Tice also said cornerback Brian Williams (sprained left knee) might not be ready to return against Chicago.

    Tough return

    Vikings receiver Koren Robinson was used on kickoff and punt returns Sunday. Robinson hadn't been used in the latter role since playing at North Carolina State and it showed. He fumbled one punt that went out of bounds at the Atlanta 21 and lost 1 yard on his other attempt.

    "The ball is just up higher, you have people getting to you fast," Robinson said when asked the difference between the assignments. "I was cool [with it] but if you ain't done stuff like that in a while, stuff like that happens."
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    Re: Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what

    Thats total bullshit.

    So much for Wilf turning this team around...

    *hits head on desk repeatedly*
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    Re: Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what

    wilf might be saying that now, but I don't belive it. If we keep losing, tice will be gone by mid season.

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    Re: Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what

    I suspect that there just isn't anybody available to come in. There is no point in hiring someone to just finish out the year. If suddenly some coach does become available the Ziggy wants as the head coach here then and only then will he remove Tice. Thats what the announcement says to me. I suspect we will have to just hope that some new advisor's can help Tice patch it together for the remainder of this season. Short of winning the NFC Conference and going to the Super Bowl, I think Tice is done as the Viking coach.

    That being said I think that this smiley :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: is going to get a real work out for the rest of the season. :razz:


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    Re: Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what

    I think this is just to avoid people calling Tice a lame duck coach that could be canned anytime. I think he has some parallels with how the cheesedicks gave Sherman a contract extension for two years, but they are probably still gonna can him after the year. It's the upper management showing support, but they still have in the back of their mind that they are just going to fire them later on. Just my opinion.

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    Re: Wilf: Tice's job safe this season no matter what

    Date Mike Tice's contract expires: Jan 31st.
    Date of Superbowl XL: Feb 5th.

    Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

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