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    "magicci" wrote:
    what if you call the ticketmaster in the minnesota area at the time they go on sale over there
    Not sure what your question is, so I'll address two issues.

    1. You'll still have to have a credit card.

    2. You may get stuck getting a busy signal, or get answered but put on hold by a machine, where your call is taken in the order received. Depending on how many games/tickets the people on line ahead of you are purchasing, you could be on hold for awhile.

    If you can't be at the stadium, buying the tickets over the Internet at is definitely the way to go. I'd further advise you to do it from a high speed internet connection as opposed to dial-up. I've done the dial-up thing before, and when ticket demand is high the system response is really slow. It can, in effect, release the tickets that you are offered for purchase before the system can confirm your purchase. Once the system offers some tickets to you, you have five minutes to complete the purchase or the tickets are released back into the system. I've seen the system so bogged down that the five minutes will actually expire while you are waiting for screens to load to complete your purchase. It is extremely frustrating. That is one reason I became a season ticket holder, so I never have to deal with that pain again (and will always have the chance to buy playoff tickets at face price).

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    I did go check out that stub hub and by far they have the lowest ticket prices of the ticket brokers that I have seen. The reason there is a couple $50.00 tickets for the Packers is because they are single tickets meaning they only have one in that location and most people do not go to games by themselves but if you don't mind sitting by yourself that is an awesome price otherwise they jump up in price to like 90.00 a ticket where there is more then one ticket available. But who cares if you are sitting by yourself there is always plenty of fun viking fans around you to talk to.

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    I just remembered another good way to get tickets. I didn't personally purchase these I won them at work in a united way week raffle but if you go to and the ticket section you will notice a spot for VIP tickets. They usually have quite a few available for single game purchase they are more expensive but if you are going to shell out big bucks to a ticket broker this would be the better way to go. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the VIP tickets. First of all not only do you get parking passes that let you park really close to the dome but before the game you get to go to the VIP tent and they have beautiful tables with this huge buffet serving everything from Prime Rib to made to order omelets the buffet is just huge also you have one waiter/waitress for your table bringing you all the free drinks you can handle. During this VIP tent experience you will have various viking alumni come in and you can get autographs etc and then also included in the price is a lower level ticket. It is something I would recommend to experience once if you are looking for a special way to enjoy the game. It was a great time and a cool way to meet other vikings fans. We met a couple from New York the guys wife was a vikings fan he bought her tickets to celebrate her birthday it was really cool. Just a thought if you are willing to spend a little money.

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