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Thread: Ticket Scam

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    Ticket Scam

    This is one thing that we all can agree on
    Please dont fall for this crap


    Thank you for your interest in my tickets.
    Up for sale are (4) Minnesota Vikings Division Playoff Tickets in Section 110 row 15 for $300 ($75 each) ,including shipping.
    I have recently moved to London, UK with work and I will miss the game. I'm not a broker I'm very well paid here and I'm not looking to make extra money using these tickets.We will use Purchase Safe to handle this transaction as they act like a 3rd party, just like Escrow.
    Here is how Purchase Safe works:
    1. Buyer and seller agree on the transaction terms and price.
    2. Seller contacts Purchase Safe Center with the transaction details.
    3. Buyer receives the transaction details and payment instructions from Purchase Safe Center by email.
    4. Buyer deposits the payment to eBay agent and sends the payment details to Purchase Safe Center.
    5. eBay center verifies payment from buyer and then will notify the seller to proceed with the shipping.
    6. Buyer receives the tickets and has 3 days to inspect them. After the inspection period is over, the buyer must contact Purchase Safe Center with the result of the inspection. If the buyer refuses the tickets, the money is refunded to the buyer after the tracking number for the returning shipment is verified.
    7. If the buyer keeps the tickets he must notify Purchase Safe Center to pay seller with the amount of money.
    VERY IMPORTANT: After you send the money to the ebay agent he will deposit them into an escrow account until you get and verify the tickets.
    Shipping will be done thru fed ex overnight delivery.
    YOUR FULL NAME:.......
    ZIP CODE:....
    Thank you

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    Re:Ticket Scam

    ....and mother's maiden name, SSN, and at least one credit card with your cvs code.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re:Ticket Scam

    Yep. Thanks for the public service announcement, as I'm sure there are some less experienced ticket buyers here who might fall for such a scam.

    First thing I did was do a Yahoo! search for "Purchase Safe"...nothing, I mean absolutely nothing...came up. If eBay was affiliated with some sort of escrow service, you know it would show up under an internet search. I'm not opposed to using an escrow service by any means, just make sure it is legitimate.

    The big clue for most people should be the asking price of the tickets. $75 for those seats is way, way less than face value. When a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Caveat Emptor, everyone.

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    Re:Ticket Scam

    You would have to be one of the dumbest idiots alive to fall for this crap. Or a Packer fan.

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    Re:Ticket Scam

    Just because you were taken doesnt mean you have to be bitter. There are help groups out there you know.

    ultravikingfan wrote:
    You would have to be one of the dumbest idiots alive to fall for this crap. Or a Packer fan.

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    Re:Ticket Scam

    I'm usually what you guys call a "lurker" on here. But I just had to post a big Thank you to the man or woman that made this thread. I was able to save a buddy of mine 150 dollars because he ran into this scam while looking for tickets on craigslist and if it were not for him talking to me before his purchase, then I'm sure this loser scam artist would of made another buck of our love for the beloved purple. So, in closing... thank you very much green hornet.... GOOD LOOKING OUT! For taking time to create this thread. SKOL Vikings!

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