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    Is Tice's Dog house full?

    With Hovan, seems to me, the doghouse served him well. Claiborne? Well, he could be outta the doghouse on is, guess he would need to play again this season to find out. A loss after a 4 game win streak, and we are up in arms? Relax, there are 9 more to go. It was ugly, but so it goes. I wasn't in practice, so I can't say if MM's sittin' on the pine was warranted or not. Did they clue the backs in on live balls? I can't imagine them not doing that. Did they practice this? I bet so. Did MM make the same mistake he did in practice in a game? I have no clue. He did make a rookie mistake. How bad a mistake he made....I would have to be there to know. Lotta people were on Tice at the start of the year...I remember a thread titled "I am calling for Tice's head"...Burleson was a bust, around draft time. I still have no idea how you have a 3rd round- 2nd year bust....but he was, LOL. Robinson was a bust right around preseason, and Dante was gonna be MVP. Hovan may be gone....not the guy missing his assignment.....but we are only half way there. Is Tice's doghouse more palatable than ours? Oh wait, HE is in the doghouse, right?

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    Is Tice's Dog house full?

    All I know is Claiborne should be in the doghouse! He has a calf injury! and last year a heel injury! What a joke! How long do you stay out for a calf injury really? He's been out like 3 weeks...He better get his act together ....

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