"muchluv4moss" wrote:
"DiehardVikesFan" wrote:
I really don't think Tice is the kind to play games like that, he must want Vilma.

I totally disagree. I think Tice learned his lesson 2 years ago, when he made it clear he wanted Ryan Sims and KC traded ahead of us to get him. Last year Tice said that Suggs was the 3rd rated guy on our wish list behind Newman and Robertson. He said Jimmy Kennedy was 4th. Then when it was our pick and both guys were there, we pick a guy Tice hadn't said a word about at all. Maybe there is a DE he wants and is talking up some LB's as a smoke screen. Sounds like Jason Babin has been rising quickly lately and he could be a guy Tice wants, Antwan Odom could be another. Who knows, but after last year, I wouldn't put it past Tice.
I stand corrected, I never heard about that...but I am happy that we got Mckinnie instead of Sims.