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Thread: Tice is stupid

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    Tice is stupid

    Daute's too scared to throw picks in the Red Zone thats why

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    Tice is stupid

    "tarkenton10" wrote:
    Stallion hit the nail on the head. It wasn't a bad decision but Tice never has his team prepared MENTALLY!!!! This game isn't just about physcal abilities or you could have alot of meatheads that are strong and fast in the NFL. It is about knwoledge of the game, desire, DISCIPLINE, and awareness. None of those attributes apply to Tice's team and that is his downfall. Tice can not get his team to play to their potential and that goes back to being a players coach; I hate them. Jerry Burns had a team that should have won two super bowls but the old crow was busy buddying up to them instead of coaching them. Alomost every players coach has a team that underachieves. Tice is no exception!!!!!
    Ty,TY.TY this is what I
    have been saying for 2 yrs now!
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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