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    Tice PC 11/14/05

    i didn't see this posted anywhere. sorry if it's a double post

    here's Tice's PC 11/14/05

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    Well there's the answer to all the people wondering.

    Q: Do you think Mewelde Moore will get more time on offense this week?
    A: Mewelde will start. The reason that Mewelde didn't play was because of the wrist. That is it. That is the end of it. There was no other reason. Mewelde is the starter at tailback and I thought we were better served to not play him. Quite frankly from what I saw on tape I don't know if it would've mattered if we had Barry Sanders out there.

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    Thanks for posting that. It's good to hear it from Tice's mouth. It's reassuring to know that your head coach is smarter than your Defensive Coordinator.
    Halo 4. Start another fight.

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    : What do you think the key to special teams was yesterday?
    A: The key to yesterday was just the fact that these guys are believing...
    All about attitude, just like Del alluded to yesterday.

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    Just think, without Edinger, we would have lost to the Pack and possibly the Giants in OT. He sealed those victories. The last two years those games would not have been won. Edi hasn't made every kick, but he has made 2 that have counted big time.


    Q: Have you been impressed with Paul Edinger's ways of shaking off the misses?
    A: I told you guys the story about him winking at me after he hit the crossbar. I don't have any concern. I told him after he hit the line drive kickoff after we scored to relax. It seemed to me like he was trying to hard to do well. He went out and relaxed and hit another real good 4.15 kickoff and we made the tackle inside the 20 I believe. Then he came back and hit the game winner. I don't have any issue with Paul. I wish he would've made those kicks, but they didn't turn out to hurt us. They could've, but they didn't so you move on. It shows he's not perfect, but he is still a pretty damn good kicker. He has made two game winners in the last three or four weeks so that is pretty damn good I think.

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    Q: Did you see him coming at the last second?
    A: If I saw him I would've moved the hell out of the way.

    hahahaha.....that was a nasty hit, i probably would have been down for a while after that hit to the knee but tice popped right up

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    Solid conference and hoping to see Mewelde help the running game

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    thanks for the reads. I like what i am reading, just hope we can string another win in green bay.

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    Re: Tice PC 11/14/05

    tice's weekly postgame interview is always intersting to me.
    We're bringing purple back.

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