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Thread: Tice hates MeMo

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    Re: Tice hates MeMo

    There is probably more to this that is not being said if Moore is trying to avoid playing because of little injuries he should not be playing and Tice being a players coach isn't going to tell any media members that.
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    Re: Tice hates MeMo

    Tice had his weekly show on Kfan last night and was not in a good mood, Danny B asked him about Memo's situation and Tice about bit his head off! Tice said the crap about him not being near the coaches during the game, funny how he seems to be near enough to go in on punt returns!

    Danny B tried to push the issue and Tice reaped him a new one. After that all Tice did was complain about having to take the time to go do the show, well then he shouldn't have agreed to do the show in the first place. If you tune in to hear the head coach talk about the team and the game and all you hear is his whining about not wanting to be there is a slap in the face to the fans!

    But my read on the Memo thing is Tice has been getting shit about Memo not starting and no one believes this crap about not being around the coach on the sidelines. So every player on the team should be following Tice around every play of the game, sorry Tice never have seen that on any team. Players are always riding bikes or talking to other players about the game and strategies, they all do not have to follow you around with their heads stuck up your a$$! And what an ego you have to think that they should, face Tice you do not like him and you are playing your favorite even if he is not the best back on the team and not giving us the best chance to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Tice hates MeMo

    I love Mewelde, but the dude is injured. If he has a quad contusion and needs a little time to heal, then let it heal because we need him if we make the playoffs. Tice is an idiot but not THAT much of an idiot. He is probably frustrated that his most talented RB gets injured every week.

    I agree though, he (Tice) is certainly not going about it the right way. You just say he is injured and move along.
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    Re: Tice hates MeMo

    mnjamie, i guess we can agree to disagree. i just dont see how tice is playing favorites.

    1) he benched bennett for weeks after he fumbled twice against the bengles

    2) even after bennett ran for 100 yards against the lions at the dome, tice still named moore the starter weeks after

    i do think moore is the better back. i am not argueing that at all.

    but we're both viking fans. cease arguements? :wink:
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    Re: Tice hates MeMo

    first off... SKOL VIKINGS!! Secondly, Michael bennett is just not the person we need carrying our load at RB. I'd take a hurt M & M over Bennett. I mean he is just to soft, falls after first contact all the time and he not only fumbled once last week, it was twice but the second one happened to be as he was crossing the goaline. If that was anywhere else but in the endzone, he gives the ball back to the rams again. I love my Vikings but Bennett has never impressed me much. Yes he has flashes but M & M is the man!!!

    P.S. Big Jen and the Steelers are going to get a nice welcome to the dome.

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    Re: Tice hates MeMo

    Tice doesn't hate MeMo he's just injury prone and Tice is tired of him getting hurt because this is the time we need him especially fighting 4 the playoffs

    "SSSMMMOOTTT" & "Toine" will be the best CB combo in the NFL next year TRUST ME!!!

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