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Thread: Tice has to go

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    I think this says it all.

    Make sure to cast your vote.

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    over 3000 votesand only 7%

    It is only natural that the 0-2 coaches are at the bottom except for Dennis "slick willy" Green.

    I would be happier with Green here also, never wanted him to go. He was like methadone. Maybe we weren't all hopped up on Heroine but we atleast had methadone. I apologize ahead of time to the all junkies on this board for my tasteless humor. :lol:

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    loney can run an offense & has in college, but why can't he do it in the pro's? He has not demonstrated that ability here yet-singersp-

    Looney cant run a offense in the NFL for the same reason Spurrier cant run a offense in the NFL. COllege football and the NFL are to differnt worlds....looney is a retard and cant coach a offense what so ever.

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    One of my first posts on this sight stated that tice need to learn to be an o-coor. and a d-coor. before he would ever be a great head coach! I like Tice and think he could be a great coach some day! He just is not qualified to be a head coach yet!

    I feel bad for Tice he was set up to fail! With Red's penny-pincher attitude and his inexperience, not to mention, Moss gone, Birk gone, A beginner O-coor. Which I think he got because it was somebody who knew less than he did. He is obviously not good under pressure!

    How can you coach a team when the coordinators know more than you do!

    I have never been a big fan of promoting from within! I liked the D. Green era but never was a big fan of DG. He was great at spotting talent not only in players but coordinators, but he never demanded perfection, he let the guys get away with too much on and off the field! I'm not sure where we stand in penelty minutes since the DG-MT era began, but it has to be near tops in the league! I just think MT inherited DG friendly coaching attitude!We need a hard ass! This i'll be your friend crap doesn't cut it!
    Therefore my vote. Tice gotta go!! Sorry MT
    For every question an answer! For every answer a why?

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    New here, hi all.

    Anyway, I agree much of this falls on Red. You get what you pay for. Just because as guy runs a good college offense means nothing in the NFL. Look at how many outstanding college QBs wash out in two or three years. I think the O-coordinator is in the same boat here, not adjusting to coverage changes.

    I imagine I'll get flamed for this but I think Culpepper has been over rated since he arrived. He doesn't read coverages well and now that teams are freer to change coverage with Moss done he is confused somewhat. I think he is good but not the All-Pro he has been without someone to force certain looks on D.

    As for Tice, Red put Tice there because he was low cost. I just don't think he has the vision to lead this team. He was an O-line coach and he didn't see this mess coming. Everything else aside, he should have foreseen line problems and moved to do something. If we lose in another hugely embarassing manner againt N.O. then I say fire him now, sorry, but things cannot get much worse than this.

    I also agree with some boardcasts that said get a fullback, run from the I-formation and go back to basics with that for more protection, short passing game and pass deep much less.

    The defense I think will be pretty good once everyone has some time together but don't expect them to excel much until next year.

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    Man everyone is riding Tice's ass... For some reason, and I seriously don't know why, I think Tice can be our man. He tries so hard; I think our problem is Loney and the O-line.

    EDIT: I didn't think I typed in jiggly butt, now I realize "a$$" was edited haha

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    Here's what I have to say:

    -Tice has to go, now. Tice has once again proven that he cannot manage this team under pressure, and that he can't get the team back into the game.

    -Cottrell needs to go. The D should be doing a ton better with the talent they have-and Cottrell has done a horrible job so far.

    -Give Loney a few more games. He's only coordinated 2 NFL games, and he did real well in college. Give the guy some time and see if he can work some magic.

    -If Daunte has another horrendous game this week, he needs to get benched.

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    It's the execution by the offense that killed us over the last 2 games. Not how much Red spent on the coaching staff. That may be significant later but the last two games it was turnovers that hung us. You can't even fault the defense because they were on the field way too long, due to the offense turning over the ball.

    I do agree though that Red was minding his pennies especially in the last couple years.

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    The defense sucked yesterday in the first quarter. It had nothing to do with how long they were on the field. If they get tired after 50 seconds of play then we are in trouble.

    The VERY next possesion by the Bengals had them connecting on an 80+ yard TD pass that was called back by an offensive holding. The defense was horrendous yesterday. The Bengals had 2 scores called back on penalties the score should have been more like 50-8

    The engine was't hitting on any cyliders yesterday.....when it is that bad, as hard as people try, you can't blame it on one player........

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    If they fire Tice who are we going to get in the middle of the season? Somebody mentioned the Colts O coordinator, we would not even be able to talk to him.

    We would have to get somebody that is out of coaching right now (Jimmy Johnson, Seifert), and it would be hard to get somebody to do that. Otherwise we could promote from within, but who does that leave Cottrell? He can not get the D to play better, so what makes anybody think he can get the whole team to play better.

    We are going to have to wait until the season is over to replace Tice and the coaching staff.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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