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Thread: Tice Gone?

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    Tice Gone?

    it would seem that Red is doing everything he can to undermine the deal between Fowler and himself. He trades Moss for nothing, pockets several million in the deal, even after fowler said he was adamantly against trading Moss.
    Then he comes out and says he almost fired Tice to inspire Moss. Why the frick would he say this now, after Tice is gone? What is the benefit?
    Does Red think he can now get more money for the Vikies and is trying to end his deal with Fowler?.....


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    Tice Gone?

    Definately leaves alot to ponder. But sometimes I think we blamed coach Tice for things he had very little control over. Like how he handled Randy. So many people felt he needed to be reprimanded instead of coddled. I have no opinion on that. But after Red said he considered firing Tice to inspire Randy, I realized that so many issues were out of Coach Tice's control. Red hired Coach Tice to handle the team, but only in Red's way. Coach Tice's hands were tied. If he made Moss uncomfortable and disgruntled, Tice had red to deal with. If Red is gone I think Tice would be an even better coach.
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