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    Tice for coach of the year

    Assuming we run the table and make the playoffs, I think Mike would be very deserving of this honor. Although Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy or Marv Lewis would be deserving as well.
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    I disagree.

    Marvin Lewis, and Tony Dungy deserve it a lot more. Remeber, we were picked by some to go to the superbowl this year. (peter king of SI picked us) so going 9-7 and making it to the playoffs is not a big deal considering that we were picked to be in the Super Bowl.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    No way in hell.

    If the Colts win out Dungy has it sewed up.

    Tice still is unstable IMO, he gets too conservative and he still makes poor choices. Fresh off scalping Tickets, the guy has no shot. Not with the quality coaches out there that are having great seasons.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    "TARKenton" wrote:
    Assuming we run the table and make the playoffs, I think Mike would be very deserving of this honor. Although Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy or Marv Lewis would be deserving as well.
    Tice won't get it!

    Marv or Dungy I think are tops in my mind, they have been consistant all year.

    Tice "the scalper," probably isn't sitting to well with the league

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    Are you serious? Tice, coach of the year? Like I said somewhere else, he is at the same level as Haslett was during his early tenure as HC for the Saints. They are both boneheads and are without a doubt the two most mentally challenged HCs in the league. Sure, give him the award if you want to and then give him the axe.

    Demand excellence. 0.500 ball is not acceptable. The Vikings organization deserves better coaching talent than the cast of characters they currently employ. Redneck was trying to make coin, that's it. We are suffering from his ownership still.

    Demand Excellence.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    Tice has been doing pretty good as of lately, and even if they do win out I really think Dungy should get it.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    Terry Bradshaw who has always hated on the Vikings brought up the possibility of Tice getting coach of the year. Bradshaw said Tice should get it and Howie and Jimmy shut him up.

    Also Theisman and Maguire on Sunday Night mentioned how they are happy for Tice and that he should be considered for coach of the year.

    I almost fell out of my chair for a few reasons:

    1.) These guys never show the Vikings love
    2.) I never thought I would hear Tice and Coach of Year in same sentence EVER
    3.) They are nuts to think he should get it. Tice has done a good job turning things around, but its not all him. Dungy, Lewis, or Lovie have to get it. End of story.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    Yeah, the same so-called experts that said the Vikings were favored to win the Big Dance this year and then watched them fold into oblivion during their first seven games. Now, they want to label Tice as a hero after things are turned around.

    I don't buy into it. He is doing a better job in the sense that he has taken over some of the HCing duties that he was neglecting earlier in the season, i.e., chewing out Loney when he makes boneheaded play calling.

    I put part of the blame on Culpepper too. If he is the field general he should have been discussing the play calling with Tice and Loney and the others if it wasn't working out.

    Even though I am convinced that Tice is an idiot, I find it hard to believe that he didn't try to adjust the offense that started off the season without its center, starting runningback, and a top-tier wide receiver. Could he really be that stupid? I don't know. Tice prepares for games and the whole coaching staff showed us that they were incapable of adapting the gameplan based on what other teams were throwing at us. This has improved, but not enough to warrant the title of 'professional level coaches'.

    Offensively, the tides turned when Brad Johnson took the helm. This was not Mike Tice. He put the backup QB in when the starter was maimed. Brad Johnson summed it up in a quote found in the StarTribune:

    "I've got ideas now," Johnson said. "Instead of just saying, 'OK, coach,' I'm at the point of saying, 'What do think about this, and what do you think about that?' And they might say, 'OK let's try this.' At least there is some dialogue. I want dialogue, instead of, 'Let's just run the play.' That's crazy. That's where I'm at. Let's have conversations. I don't care who is the right one. Let's just get the calls right."
    Brad Johnson took the reigns as the leader and is helping with the play calling. Being a true field general. I am also hoping that Daunte is learning from the veteran leadership that Brad has brought to the team during this course of events.

    So, shoud Tice be considered for the coach of the year? I say no way. He is receiving the benefits of chance and is still learning how to be a head coach, albeit at a snail's pace.

    I have followed this organization for four decades and expect the team to strive for excellence. When there is a coach that is the caliber of Mike Tice at the helm it is the equivalent of saying 'fuck you' to the fans.

    Demand excellence. A playoff berth means nothing. We want the rings. Anything less is a failure.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    the guys on tv did say tice might have a shot at coach of the year. think about it, with all the problems this team has gone through this year, both on and off field, it does make sense that he gets some consideration. lets say the colts loose a game and we win the division. should tice get it then?
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Tice for coach of the year

    Give the man some credit when it's due.

    Both Dungy and Lewis are playing with "real" assistant coaches. Look at what Tice is working with. Loney and Cottrell?!

    Both Indy and Cinci are still playing with their full star-studded roster. Both teams had strong seasons last year and made no major changes in the off-season. The Vikings had the biggest off-season overhaul, the most off-the-field problems and has been hit by injuries worse than most other teams.

    Marvin and Dungy both deserve it. I'm not taking away anything from them. All I'm saying is that Tice being considered is reason for pride rather than even more bitching.

    When we were 2-5 everyone was calling for Tice's head saying it's his job to straighten out the mess. Well he has straightened out the mess and has us winning games, but we still don't want to admit it.

    Tice may not win the coach of the year, but as a Viking I am DAMN proud of the job he has done and that some people acknowledge that. Show some support people!
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