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    Tice is to BLAME

    There are people out there that will not blame Mike Tice for the loss as time ran out against the Cardnials I must disagree. When the team started out 6-0 everyone was saying what a great job Tice was doing! Well with the lions share of thr credit must also go the lions share of the blame. The fact that the Vikings lost seven of the last ten games says that the team was not prepared for those games. That my fellow Viking fans is coaching! I understand that Moss had a bad back, Culpepper was injured (even though the Team played well without him). I know Bennet was not there for the start of the season (remember the 6-0 start without him). I know that during the bye week the defenseive ratings dropped. These things are all part of the game. I understand Dennis Green did nothing to get good young defensive players. Again Mike Tice knew this and did draft some talent on defense, all this matter nought if the team is not prepared and focused on the games one at a time. I say again the break down was coaching!
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    Tice is to BLAME

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