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    Re: thoughts and insight

    We NEED to sign K-rob long term

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    Re: thoughts and insight

    "napo58" wrote:
    chicago is better than the vikings
    Not so fast. The Vikings could still win the NFCN, if they do, they will be least for a little while unless they get beat by the Bears in the playoffs.

    As of this moment the Bears are intuitively better and have beaten the better teams. They do not have the division wrapped up....yet. If the Vikes win the NFCN...they are better.

    Packers: Vikings swept, Bears 1-?
    Bears vs Vikes: Bears W, Vikes ?

    Lions: both teams swept
    Saints: both teams won
    Bengals: both teams lost
    Steelers: both teams lost


    Browns: Vikings W, Bears L


    Panthers: Vikings L, Bears W
    Bucs: Vikings L, Bears W
    Falcons: Vikings L, Bears W
    Ravens: Vikings ?, Bears W


    Bears: Redskins L, 49ers W

    Vikings: Giants W, Rams W

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