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    well, not our best game. we had our chances to close the lead, but int's and penalties prevented that... a botched trick FG play. man, Tice must be afraid of using Morten! i don't think our Defense played that horrible...they didn't miss a lot of tackles.. our LB's can't cover--that is obvious! they stopped them with a bunch of three and outs. russell caused a huge fumble on the goal line but then couldn't catch a meatball in the endzone...etc. etc. vikes were outplayed and the eagles d is coached better than i thought. great season Vikes! still skeptical about tice's coaching ability. until next year...we are stuck for another season...hope he proves me wrong.

    later. GO VIKES!

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    Exactly right!
    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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    yea tice doesnt have too many tricks up his sleeve....and it doesnt look like he's much of a motivator either.

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    I feel the same. I do feel this was a winnable game though...that part stings.
    Will be looking forward to the draft and changes. Will be interesting to watch...let's get ready for next year :salute:

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    I didnt like that we werent pressin their WRs at the line.

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