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    For Those Who Care

    President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers Bob Harlan and Mike Sherman met in a meeting this morning. Mike Sherman was relinquished of his GM duties and Ted Thompson from the Seattle Seahawks was named GM. There have been numerous reports that Sherman is upset about this and there is speculation that he might even resign from the Green Bay Packers all together.

    Also, nearly the entire Green Bay defensive coaching staff is to be let go.

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    For Those Who Care

    Here's a quarter....just kidding lol!

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    For Those Who Care

    Wow, sounds like a housecleaning is coming...
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    For Those Who Care

    I saw that comming. If Donatel got fired for his blown game, there was no way Slowik was going to slip through. And Sherman needed to have the GM pulled from him anyway - you can't do 2 jobs as well as only one.


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    Re: For Those Who Care

    "JWalkRulz84" wrote:

    Also, nearly the entire Green Bay defensive coaching staff is to be let go.
    God, I hope not. Look at the packs playoff record the past two seasons. We need sherman to stay. All the coaches.


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    For Those Who Care

    It wasn't Donatel's fault last year, it was the personnel (players), but there has to be a scapegoat, and lucky for sherman he had the gm duty too, otherwise in my opinion he would have been let go right along with donatel. Look at what donatel's d did in atl this year!

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    For Those Who Care

    Maybe this year they wont draft a punter in the third round without Sherman as GM. :cry:

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    For Those Who Care

    Very interesting.

    The big difference between this and Donatell was they just fired Donatell, then looked for a replacement.

    They knew who they were bringing in before announcing it.

    At least now when we trade up to draft a long snapper, we can blame a suit, and not the head coach.
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