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    Thomas to sit the bench

    Tom Pelissero
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    Rookie linebacker Dontarrious Thomas, benched in the second half of Monday's loss, won't be in the Vikings' lineup Sunday -- or anytime in the near future.

    “I think right now (Thomas) needs a little breather mentally,” Tice said. “I think his head’s swimming a little bit.”

    Linebacker Chris Claiborne likely will move to the weak side this week, allowing veteran Keith Newman to start at strongside linebacker Sunday. Claiborne manned the weak side for 12 games last season.

    The coaching staff also is considering leaving Claiborne at strongside linebacker and starting Mike Nattiel, who replaced Thomas on Monday.

    Thomas, the Vikings' second-round draft pick, will continue to play special teams. He also may replace middle linebacker E.J. Henderson in the nickel package.

    Newman, signed to a free agent contract in June, spent last season with Atlanta. The sixth-year veteran played two seasons under current Vikings defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell in Buffalo.

    I kinda like this in a way, thomas needs to sit because he was making to many mental mistakes, i think he is tryin to adjust a little to fast. Another reason i like it is because last year when Claborne was playin that weakside he was making way more plays, he was a monster and we need him to start doin that again. Newman is a question mark i know he can get to the QB he's a good blitzing LB, hes explosive off the edge. I would also like to see Nattiel get some reps also.

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    Thomas to sit the bench

    This might make the LB corps a more cohesive unit, while creating depth to what many consider a weakness for the Vikes D. I still like the raw speed that Thomas brings to the table, but sometimes watching from the sidelines for awhile can accelerate the learning curve for rookies.

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    Thomas to sit the bench

    Hopefully he gets some time to learn and by mid season he is ready to atart and be dependable.
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    Thomas to sit the bench

    I like Keith Newman, he looked strong in the preseason. Hopefully he will be able to contribute to our young D.
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    Thomas to sit the bench

    Maybe with a better pass rushing LB the vikes will turn up the heat against the bears.
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    Thomas to sit the bench

    I think this is a good thing...settle him down let him see whats going on from a distance. He may have been rushed just a little too much
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    Thomas to sit the bench

    also a good thing in my opinion, the kid is a very young man and should appreciate the experience of watching others, as he sees more and more plays it will help him
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    Thomas to sit the bench

    I'm glad they saw what I did in regard to Thomas. Yes, he's very quick but he also very inexperienced and has cost us a lot of yardage thus far. Good luck to Newman or Nattiel.

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