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    Third Quarter Solutions

    Let me start out by saying I am not that confident that the team has put the half time implosions behind them. I think it's going to rear its ugly head again in KC. That being said I think I have a solution that may work. Based on the fact that it's not a problem that revolves around one guy, it's a combo of crumby penalties, mental mistakes, miscues, and erratic throws at QB position.

    Of all of the problems above, I think Donny has been the Achilles of our half time implosions. He's just not getting it done in the second half, for whatever reason(s). To be fair, he's putting up points and managing the game well in the first half and really isn't throwing picks to speak of.

    My solution is to bring in Webb in the third quarter and just for the third quarter. Why not Ponder? I don't want Ponder to get killed as the pocket implodes around him. Webb is highly elusive and can run like lightning. Webb has the ability to get first downs with his feet if needed, and we are in desperate need of first downs in the second halves of games.

    This team needs some sort of spark/catalyst in the second half and Donny isn't going to provide it as of yet. Some of you might think it's a ridiculous idea but just pulling Donny and putting in Webb is not a good decision at this point. I am willing to give Donny 6-8 games to put it together for 4 quarters, if he can't he might as well let the future get some reps.

    If the Webb adjustment works in the third quarter, put Donny back in to close it. If the team falls apart in the fourth quarter and we lose, there will be no more doubts as who is to blame, yet if the team wins, Donny will hopefully get over the halftime hump and start playing like the Donny of old.

    Not only that, but the coaching staff is starting to look very inept with solutions to the second half implosions. For three games in a row, they have egg on their face and it's still there. The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different the old saying goes.

    The good thing about Webb in the third quarter only is Donny will not feel like his coach is giving up on him completely because he's going back in at the start of the fourth quarter. I don't want to totally crush Donny's confidence level at this point in the season, because he can be a damn good QB when he's on. It's just that something drastic has to be done, yet not too drastic as to fracture the team.

    This is my solution and am open to other thoughts, comments on destroying the second half gremlin once and for all. I think we can all agree that something needs to change and change fast.
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    I can't see it happening, but I can't imagine it is any worse than the status-quo...

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    Let PH take every snap with AD lined up beside him and Joe Webb as a WR.


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