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    Thinking big has worked out for Vikings

    [size=13pt]Jim Souhan: Thinking big has worked out for Vikings[/size]

    Unlike the Twin Cities' other pro sports teams, the Vikings go for big-time free agents, and they have been successful doing it.

    By JIM SOUHAN, Star Tribune

    Last update: December 13, 2008 - 9:32 PM

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    Re: Thinking big has worked out for Vikings

    I was kind of thinking about this earlier.... we haven't had any of our lower round draft picks really SURPRISE us by playing above their expectations... EJ was a second rounder but being as how he won the Butkis (sp?) award, I find it hard to consider him an overachiever....

    Generally speaking we've done well in FA... Pat, Leber, AW, Sharper, JA, Hutch.

    (Birk is one low rounder who outplayed his expectations)


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