Prophet wrote:
Marrdro wrote:
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the insanity of it allllllllllllll.

You can't say anything bad about our starting QB but you can hope the backup never plays for us again.

Or, you could go back and see what I really wrote instead of the fragment that was quoted that I said. I stand by my post and it is not hypocritical. This is what I actually wrote:

I have plenty of hope for Tarvaris Jackson. I hope he never starts on the Vikings again without a legitimate QB competition and I hope he comes out of his cocoon and plays at the NFL-level like the believers presumed he could.
If I was referring to just you I would have quoted you my friend. You know that.

On a side note, I shouldn't have said anything so quick as it seemed to kill this joyous thread.

Comeon TJ hackers. Lets dance. :P