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    Re: Theory on Vikes Defensive Woes

    well our defensive MVP is K-Will so the pieces of the puzzle are there on D. we got the leader by example, vocal leader, veteran leaders and defensive MVP leader.

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    Re: Theory on Vikes Defensive Woes

    With the center plugged up, hopefully by 3 offensive linemen, it will be far more difficult to run off tackle against us and definantly no room up the middle. We will see if the young guys have matured and start being in position too make plays and limit mental mistakes. I want every defender
    to be a tackler. wrap em up and get those 3 and out's, to give our offense some short fields.

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    Re: Theory on Vikes Defensive Woes

    Great Thread!

    Here are my 6 cents.

    If the front line as was mentioned by Mensatice do their job, then the linebackers can do theirs, which means the backs can play better.
    I was always coached that the "cushion is based on the threat the line can bring.
    Better off the ball, slipping tackles, making tackles at the line. All mean the linebackers can hit the holes without hesitating.Or can drop into the proper zone to cover. If the LB's can do that, the corners can apply pressure on the WR's. Leaving the SS & FS to roam and crunch skulls.

    But when all of that is pushed back one level to the linebacker area instead of the line, everybody is playing a role that their position can play but not on every down. It opens a shit load of holes.
    And that is what I believe our D has suffered from.
    Like Del Rio said, that leads to poor morale on the team and leads to finger pointing.

    Just my take.

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