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    Thank you Packer fans

    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    Actually thanx for the packers for giving us are x-mas present. This game was a lot biggger than the one played on x-mas eve and its about time the pack gives us our x-mas present. A little late but ill take it. A better one than we gave them on x-mas eve.
    TRU DAT, better late than never.

    Never thought I would appreciate a regift in my life. We gave them a gift on Xmas and they packaged it up and gave it back to us in the form of missed tackles and INTs.

    OK we probably earned it, and it wasn't really a regift.

    I have no ill words for the Pack fans that come back and give congrats or at least just show some class about it. But give it a day or two and we might see a few haters show up and then I will get nasty. So all you all that showed up so far, put the ear muffs on if that happens. It will be me (possibly "US") serving up crow for those that really deserve it.

    I know where I have been the last month and it was a tough time dealing with football as a whole. I can totally empathize with the four teams that exited this past weekend. Wherever these fans are at emotionally, I have been there in the last 5 weeks so I am not going to rub anything in, at this point, I would find it in bad karma.

    GO Vikes!

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    Thank you Packer fans

    "WIsBiggestVikingsFan" wrote:
    No, funk dat! Packer fans have given me too mich BS over the years and I'm bitter. I don't care if a hundred people say good game, I've been belittled, berated, and everything, but raped and pillaged of my dignity around here. This day has led me to an introspective process where I've had to go over a lot of scenarios in my head and all the culmination of everything people have said to me has made this bittersweet happenstance one that I'll never forget. You guys seriously don't know what it's like to be me. Raider fans are said to be the worst, but Packer fans are persistent and annoying as well. Now I look down at thee who, unlike me, didn't know better and I think to myself, Randy Moss had it right... :bootyshake: By the way, nice picture UltraVikingsfan!
    We are only saying thank you to the packer fans with class. The ones that don't mind treating you as you want to be treated yourself. I think that you are confusing the painful comments of probalby quite a few idiots and labeling all packer fans.

    VOCAL People without class strongly out number the VOCAL ones with class. And beleive it or not, it is consistant through out all fan bases.

    All I am saying is that the opposing fans that come back and show respect deserve it. They are hurting and we need to be able to recognize that as well.

    I don't mean to be talking to people (PPers) like they are 2nd graders but sometimes the obvious still needs to be stated. Not trying to offend anyone.

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