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Oh ... don't be so damn negative. Really? The NFC East is murderers row? Then what division in the NFC would you not call murderers row? Because the East probably has more holes than any other division in the NFC right now.

The AFC North is no worse or no better than the AFC East and the AFC South honestly ...

It is just another football schedule. They are what they are. This year we played Houston, Seattle, Washington and Indy on the road and survived. That is FOUR playoff teams in THEIR house. We also played San Francisco in our house ... ANOTHER playoff team.

In 2013 we have SIX games against opponents from the 2012 playoffs ... this season we played SEVEN games against teams in the 2012 playoffs (six games against teams from the 2011 playoffs). People love to make big deals about schedules every year and who gets who ... but the truth is ... it is an 8-8 league. EVERYTHING is a toss up.

You just make the best moves you can make and hope to be a team worthy of 10-6 to at least get in or make some real noise and get to 12-4.

All in all ... the 2013 schedule is NO MORE DIFFICULT THAN THIS YEAR'S schedule according to the records of the teams we are playing. We got one extremely difficult road game and that is at Seattle. We got lucky and ducked going to Philly (a place we notoriously play badly) and ducked going to Pittsburgh. Dallas, the Giants and the Baltimore on the road are no slouches, but they all lose bad games at home every year.

I am with you in saying this won't be easy. Because the NFL schedule is NEVER easy. There are always good teams rising and former good teams dropping. But I will say that it certainly does not look as daunting as this year's schedule and we managed that just fine.
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